The executive, who heads Secuoya Studios Commercial & Distribution; details key aspects of the Zorro project, an original series in Spanish that will be available on Amazon Prime.

Within the framework of Mipcom 2022, Secuoya Studios Commercial & Distribution organized a press conference to present a preview of the Zorro project, an original series by Secuoya Studios for Amazon Prime Video.

“Almost four years ago, a group of people gave ourselves the task of rescuing such an iconic IP for Hispanic Americans. The world’s first Hispanic or Latino super hero and doing it in Spanish,” Pizzolante said in dialogue with ttvnews.

“For reasons of the complexity of the IP, of the partners, of the project, it had never been done in Spanish, and that was something that had to be corrected. And in the search for that, we realized that Spain was a fundamental piece because in all the versions of Zorro, Diego always comes from Madrid. Organically he connected with the Old World and the New World, something unique among intellectual property projects,” he added.

In this sense, Pizzolante highlighted the team that was established for the project, lead by David Martínez, who joined Secuoya Studios in Spain.

“Along the way we ran into David Martínez, who was the visionary and the one who understood the coviewing project for the whole family. And along the way we were fortunate that David joined the ranks of Secuoya Studios, which was a company of  “a solid track record, but with global studio ambitions.”

“It was a perfect match. The combination of IP, David’s expertise, Secuoya’s strength and prestige and track record; allowed us to enter into a fairly aggressive development,” he said.

Thus, the executive highlighted the addition of Caros Portela, whom he defined as “an expert in comics.”

“Then when we began to put together the package with Javi Quintas in the direction, we went out to offer it to the different platforms and the answer was different,” he recalled.

“But being an ambitious project, it was not easy for the platforms. Fortunately our friends at Amazon believed in us. It was a dream to develop it hand in hand with them. We finished a dream casting process. Zorro is a series with more protagonists than distribution,” he added.

Finally, Pizzolante highlighted that this Zorro is characterized by its commitment to diversity as a fundamental line of development. “Clients want diversity and we had it as a goal from the beginning,” he concluded.

Zorro stars Miguel Bernardeau, who plays Don Diego de la Vega, accompanied by the Mexican actress Renata Notni in the role of Lolita Márquez. Dalia Xiucoatl (Nah Lin), Emiliano Zurita (Monasterio) and Joel Bosqued (Samael) complete the cast. The series of 10 chapters of 52 minutes is directed by Javier Quintas (Money Heist) and José Luis Alegría, and written by Carlos Portela (Velvet Collection).