The new super production will be filmed on the island of Gran Canaria with a team of over 200 people.

Zorro, the super production from Secuoya Studios with John Gertz, Andy Kaplan (KC Global Media), Sergio Pizzolante (C&T Mobs) and Jesús Torres Viera and Glenda Pacanins (NoStatusQuo Studios) as executives producers, started principal photography on the island of Gran Canaria on July 25.

Over the next several weeks, a team of more than 200 people, including cast and crew, will be filming the new adventures of the famous masked hero in different locations across Las Palmas, Arucas, Gáldar, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Telde, the protected natural area of Nublo, the Caldera de Tejera, among other places, and the Sioux City theme park.

This new adaptation of Johnston McCulley’s literary classic, set in mid-19th century California, is executive produced by David Martínez, David Cotarelo and Ángela Agudo.

Directed by Javier Quintas, Miguel Ángel Vivas and José Luis Alegría, the 10-episode series which will be available through Prime Video in the United States, Latin America and Spain, stars Miguel Bernardeau, Renata Notni, Dalia Xiuhcoatl, Emiliano Zurita, Andrés Almeida, Elia Galera, Chacha Huang, Joel Bosqued, Francisco Reyes, Peter Vives and Fele Martínez, among others.

“During the last several weeks, we’ve greatly enjoyed the rehearsals and preparation with the cast and crew, and now, the first days of shooting are definitely exceeding our expectations given the work of the actors, the photography team, the art team, and the specialists. We are extremely grateful to the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, the island’s city councils and the entire Canarian team, which is exceptional,” says David Martínez, Director of Fiction at Secuoya Studios.

“We’re very proud to be bringing to life an IP as powerful as Zorro, one that is beloved and recognized throughout the world and with fans of all ages. We’re excited to have the opportunity to bring what we can consider the first “superhero” in history to a new generation of viewers, and we’re doing it with a world-class international team, who have taken on this challenge with the same enthusiasm and responsibility as we have,” adds the executive producer.

Set in 1830s Los Angeles, the period production offers a new version of the mythical character created by Johnston McCulley, adapted for a new generation. Zorro stars Miguel Bernardeau (Élite), who brings to life landowner Diego de la Vega, as well as the masked town hero, in the leading dual role. The cast, which perfectly embodies the diversity of an emerging world in which different races and nationalities try to coexist, includes a large group of top Mexican actors such as Renata Notni (La Venganza de las Juanas), Dalia Xiuhcoatl (Esto no es Berlín), Emiliano Zurita (No, porque me enamoro) y Andrés Almeida (Y tu mamá también).

Accompanying the title role are veteran actors with long professional careers and experience in international hit projects, such as Elia Galera (El Cid), Joel Bosqued (El Internado: Las Cumbres), Peter Vives (Supernormal), Chacha Huang (Perdiendo el Este) and Fele Martínez (La Unidad), among others.

Developed by Secuoya Studios, this updated version of the major global IP that is Zorro, tells the story of the masked hero, who is a symbol of justice and a defender of the oppressed and represents a new beginning for an ancestral figure that has occupied different identities throughout the centuries. In this story, female characters play essential roles as empowered women ahead of their time, who will stand up to the masked hero or act as confidants depending on their own interests.

Aside from his sense of justice, Diego de la Vega has his own personal battle to fight in order to fully become Zorro—discover his father’s murderer. Nothing and no one will stop him from achieving that goal, but the difficult journey he will embark on, will lead him to confront both friends and enemies, and unmask family secrets that change his destiny forever.