The company is looking for partners to develop a new series based on the life of Colombian photographer, Baruch Vega.

Sabbatical Entertainment realizes a long-time dream, bringing to the screen the life of Baruch Vega, Colombian photographer of international high fashion, and undercover agent of the CIA, FBI and DEA. Vega lived countless dangerous adventures during the 70’s and 80’s between the United States, Latin America and Europe, becoming wildly successful and wealthy, while simultaneously conning both the DEA, and the world’s most dangerous drug traffickers.

The series will be shot in multinational locations, and Sabbatical is in discussion with high-profile potential cast members. The series follows the recent trend of fictionalized stories whose protagonists walk the tightrope between good and evil.

“Baruch Vega trusted us to represent him and bring his amazing experiences to the screen, in a compelling drama series complete with action, espionage and suspense. We have already received tremendous interest from the market, from potential production partners to buyers. His story is so unique and intriguing, we believe this will captivate all kinds of audiences,” said Miguel Somoza – CEO Sabbatical.