Present at Conecta Fiction, Fernando López Puig, Director of Content and Channels at RTVE, announced that TVE will co-produce the series Parot.

Fernando López Puig, Director of Content and Channels at RTVE, offered a keynote moderated by Irene Jiménez from Audiovisual451 as part of Conecta Fiction.

And as part of his announcements was the confirmation of a new series on TVE: Parot. The news had emerged as a rumor in mid-July and is now finally confirmed.

According to the executive, Parot will be co-produced with ViacomCBS International Studios and Onza Entertainment.

“It is a crime series about a serial killer who begins to murder all the prisoners who come out under the Parot doctrine. It is very interesting. It is within the line of the thriller that we are working on. We want this genre to be important within the world of TVE fiction,” said López Puig.

“The thriller allows you to work and produce a genre that is very universal and on the other hand allows you to talk about current issues through the police,” he added about the importance of the thriller for TVE.

In addition to Parot, López Puig announced that TVE is working on other projects, including series based on books.

“I always think that the adaptation of novels is a popular TV classic. Adapting literary works has to do with the world of culture and public TV,” he explained.

We are looking for new content in the open that can travel well between open, delayed and platforms. That is the type of content we are looking for,” he added.

And they are also developing the series ¿Por qué se fueron los hombres?, winner of one of last year’s pitches in Conecta Fiction.

“We are developing the new scripts, it is a mock comedy documentary that has a very clear start on a platform like Playz,” he explained.

Regarding co-production -the main theme for the entire Conecta Fiction event- the manager stressed that Spain has the particularity of being able to look both towards America and Europe to generate alliances.

“We look both ways. We are fortunate to be a country that is integrated into the EU, but that also has very close ties with Latin America. This is something that we have to continue promoting in our content and in our co-productions. Our culture unites us and we can create co-productions in one way or another”, he highlighted.

Finally, he shared that RTVE is currently working on a digital platform that will centralize all its fiction works, both short and long.

“It is a new platform that is going to be called RTVE.Play and that will come into operation in four or five months. We are going to make a more general offer, with content that can start in digital and then go to linear or vice versa,” he concluded.