The group’s VP spoke with ttvnews in Los Angeles about the co-production alliance with the Turkish production company and presented its new titles for the international market.

*By Luis Cabrera and Fernando Moreno, from Los Angeles

During the second day of LA Screenings, VIP 2000 TV and GoQuest Media presented their co-production, Kuma / The Other Wife, to the market, revealing the first teaser, cast and crew names of the highly anticipated Turkish daily series that has already been presented at the WAWA First Look Turkey 2024.

The series is directed by distinguished showrunner Inci Gulen Oarr (Stellar Yapim), recognized for her previous work on hit series such as Elif, Cannim Annem and Wounded Birds.

“I was in Turkey for eight days for the start of the first episode,” Rosalind Rotundo, VP of VIP 2000 TV, told ttvnews during the event in Los Angeles. “The partnership with GoQuest has been wonderful because we are two distribution and production companies from different regions that came together to make together the first long Turkish production of 100 episodes. It is a story that attracts the attention of customers, a very traditional melodrama that has great potential for the concept of the second wife”.

Kuma narrates the journey of Ceylan, who runs away from home and meets Karan, a young and rich businessman. They fall in love and soon get married. But when Ceylan is accused of murder, Karan marries her brother’s widow and forces Ceylan to become her kuma, a second wife who will bear him children.

Additionally, VIP 2000 TV is celebrating the reception of its new film, Padres, which will premiere on Lifetime in June. “We are super happy with the reception it has had in the industry. It is a family comedy film, with a great inclusive message for the LGBT community, but focused on the family, the acceptance of the family. We are happy because the reception even broadcast TV in the region are interested in opening up to inclusive films in June, which is Pride month”.

And if it’s Lifetime, the group will begin production on one of its most iconic content, Christmas movies, at the end of this month. “Next Monday we start our two new Christmas movies for Lifetime, with a wonderful cast. We will be filming for two weeks for the Lifetime premiere on Christmas,” she concluded.