Triskelion Productions is presenting in Miami the series History of Fabulous, a 7-episode docu-series about the history of makeup

History of Fabulous is the main title that Triskelion Productions is presenting at Content Americas 2023. The docu-series offers a in-depth look at the history of one often overlooked, but very used accessory, makeup.

The completed series consists of seven episodes. “Everybody likes makeup,” says Ric Acevedo, director and producer of the series. “We are eager to show our trailer and very eager to distribute it.”

Looking at 2023, the production company sets its goals in increasing its presence in two key regions: Europe and Latin America.

“We want to get a better footprint in both the European and Latin American markets,” says Acevedo. “We feel those are great markets in terms of size and quality that is presented there.”

“We want to get our footprint there and continue to progress and produce things that can be seen beyond the United States,” he adds.