A mystery-drama series, Survivors will be co-produced between the Italian, French and German groups. Filming for the series will last 23 weeks and will take place in Genoa and Rome, with an Italian and international cast.

Filming of the series Survivors, an international co-production RAI Fiction, France Télévisions, ZDF, Rodeo Drive, Cinétévé will start shooting in Genoa on 21 October 2020.

A new project of the Alliance between the three largest public service broadcasters of Continental Europe, aimed at the creation of TV series that can compete with the major global producers. It has been announced today at MIA – International Audiovisual Market in Rome.

Survivors is a mystery-drama in twelve episodes of 50 minutes, directed by Carmine Elia (The Sea Beyond, The Red Door) and starring Lino Guanciale, Luca Biagini, Barbora Bobulova, Stéfi Celma, Vincenzo Ferrera, Florian Fitz, Giacomo Giorgio, Pia Lanciotti, Sophie Pfenningstorf, Elena Radonicich, Fausto Maria Sciarappa, Camilla Semino Favro, Alessio Vassallo, Adèle Wismes.

At the heart of the story is the Arianna, a sailboat with twelve passengers that sets out on an ocean crossing. After a few days of sailing, after a violent storm, the boat disappears from the radar. A year later, the wreck is found with only seven people onboard still alive. What happened to the others? What secret are the survivors hiding? Each episode follows the complex events related to the return of the survivors, alternating with the terrible time they spent drifting to reveal, step by step, the secret of their trip.

Francesco Nardella, Deputy Director, RAI Fiction: «Survivors is another landmark achievement of the fecund collaboration between RAI, France Télévisions and ZDF. Four young authors – Giovanni Galassi, Tommaso Matano, Sofia Bruschetta and Ivano Fachin – came up with the series, all of them trained at RAI’s screenwriting school in Perugia. The concept and the plot lend themselves well to the natural collaboration between our three countries’ broadcasters. It’s a universal story, a nostos, a homecoming, with the language and plot devices of a mystery drama. It looks deep into the human soul and its relationships to show what we are capable of doing to stay alive. We are proud to be starting this adventure along with our international partners plus Rodeo Drive and Cinétévé, another step on the path to internationalising Italian TV drama».

Nathalie Biancolli, SVP International Fiction: «For France Télévisions, Fictions come in all shades and are placed as close as possible to contemporary creation. Therefore, it’s a great pleasure for us to be part of this high-end project within the Alliance framework France Télévisions, RAI, ZDF and with two independent production companies Rodeo Drive and Cinétévé. Survivors series brings together critical aspect of our missions, the promotion of young writers and the highlight of our talents in the International Market».

Simone Emmelius, SVP International Fiction, Coproduction and Acquisition, ZDF: «Survivors is a thrilling series that brings together bright European talent in front and beyond the camera. Within the framework of the European Alliance with RAI and France Télévisions, it’s another proof of added value generated by talented Italian writers, gifted actors from France, Italy, and Germany, and the deeply committed production companies Rodeo Drive and Cinétévé. With its topics and its setting, it represents – and it targets a modern, cosmopolitan audience we primarily reach with our digital platforms ZDFneo and Mediathek».

Survivors is an original story written by Viola Rispoli, Max Bacchini, Sofia Bruschetta, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi and Tommaso Matano. Based on an idea by Sofia Bruschetta, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi and Tommaso Matano.

Filming for the series will last 23 weeks and will take place in Genoa and Rome.