The former CEO of Paramount International Networks Streaming Studio will advise Grup Mediapro in the launch of new projects through his new company Blue Ocean Media Partners

Grup Mediapro has announced an agreement with Raffaele Annecchino, an expert in the media and entertainment industry, for strategic advice in the Middle East through the company Blue Ocean Media Partners.

Annecchino will bring his extensive experience in the content sector and in the transformation, digitalization and growth of different television channels and platforms.

“The incorporation of this expert will be strategic for the launch of new business lines in the region and the development of new content,” Mediapro said in a press release.

Grup Mediapro has a solid presence in the Middle East where it began its activity more than 15 years ago. The group has four offices in the region in Qatar, Turkey and two in the United Arab Emirates and provides audiovisual services and broadcast solutions to different countries in the region such as Iraq, Armenia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Annecchino will support and enhance Grup Mediapro’s activity in the area through Mediapro Middle East. Blue Ocean Media Partners, with offices in Dubai and Madrid, is specialized in the media and entertainment sector.

The executive has extensive experience leading growth plans for media and designing global and local strategies. As CEO of Paramount International Networks Streaming Studio, Annecchino has driven the growth of television channels and platforms such as: MTV, NICK, BET, Paramount+, Pluto, Channel 5 in the United Kingdom, Network 10 in Australia, Telefe in Argentina and Chilevision in Chile .

“The extensive experience and transversality of Annecchino as a unique opportunity to enhance the group’s implementation in the Middle East area, supporting and enhancing the great work carried out by Mediapro Middle East until now, building on what has already been built,” commented Tatxo Benet, CEO from Grup Mediapro.