HBO’s Game of Thrones was the most demanded show, followed by AMC’s The Walking Dead and Disney+’s The Mandalorian. The full list of most in-demand shows of the year will be featured in the book of Guinness World Records 2022, to be released on Sept 16.

With the upcoming release of Guinness World Records 2022 on September 16, Guinness World Records (GWR), the global authority on record-breaking and Parrot Analytics, the leader in worldwide audience analytics, are sharing exciting news for fans around the world on their favorite, and now record-holding, TV shows.

“With so much choice available to viewers around the world, it’s fascinating to see how highly in-demand certain TV shows are across the globe,” says Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday.

“This year’s Guinness World Records title holders are proof that global fan demand for content continues to grow and shows no sign of slowing down. Parrot Analytics helps Guinness World Records to understand how much audience demand exists around the world. And because Parrot’s measurement is standardized for all countries, we can once again quantify the precise global impact that this plethora of TV shows is having on consumers worldwide. We’re thrilled to continue partnering with Parrot Analytics to reveal the most in-demand TV shows in the world.”

Guinness World Records 2022, the best-selling annual book, is back to provide inspirational stories and a fascinating snapshot of our world. Featuring Parrot Analytics’ global audience demand data, the Pop Culture Round-Up section explores global fan discovery and viewership stats for history-making TV shows across genres such as comedy, documentaries, animated series, and science-fiction.

“Fans will enjoy seeing this year’s Guinness World Records edition featuring the most in-demand TV shows in the world,” says Samuel Stadler, VP Marketing for Parrot Analytics. “Only global audience demand measurement provides the comprehensive view of how audiences around the world are reacting to the growing number of platforms, apps and content choices available. Through our longstanding partnership with Guinness World Records, we continue to showcase the pulse of global fan demand and we’re once again delighted to share the results with the community of record lovers around the world.”

The most in-demand TV series in the world for the period 1st March 2020 to 28th February 2021, as featured in Guinness World Records 2022, are:

Drama and overall: Game of Thrones (HBO) with 74.1 times the global average
Comic adaptation: The Walking Dead (AMC) with 62.0 times the global average
Sci-fi: The Mandalorian (Disney+) with 57.6 times the global average
Animated series: Attack on Titan (MBS) with 52.7 times the global average
Sitcom and comedy: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) with 49.9 times the global average
Medical drama: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) with 47.8 times the global average
Superhero: The Boys (Amazon Prime Video) with 45.4 times the global average
Children’s: SpongeBob SquarePants (Nickelodeon) with 40.8 times the global average
Debut series: Raised by Wolves (HOB Max) with 28.8 times the global average
Documentary: The Last Dance (ESPN) with 27.0 times the global average

Parrot Analytics’ global platform-agnostic measurement system quantifies how viewers are engaging with TV shows and talent around the world. The resulting demand-weighted metric is based upon inputs from video consumption (streaming/download), social media (hashtags, liking, sharing) and research/commentary sources.

Guinness World Records 2022 will be available in stores and online on September 16, 2021. Guinness World Records is now also available on Amazon Alexa; the skill can be activated with the phrase “Alexa, enable Guinness World Records.”