The Argentine adaptation of Banijay Rights’ culinary competition format will premiere on the ViacomCBS streaming platform on July 29.

Paramount+, ViacomCBS’s premium streaming service, is premiering its new exclusive format on July 29: Manos Arriba, Chef!, a challenging weekly cooking reality show.

The renowned Argentine Chefs, Donato de Santis, Damián Betular and Germán Martitegui, will face each other in order to know who is the best chef among them, teaming up with other participants to prepare distinctive dishes in a timed competition where they cannot use their own hands to cook.

Each of the 10 episodes will feature two guests who will face off in the kitchen. A “dish of the day” of very high difficulty will be presented that will correspond to the specialty of the host that is presenting at that time. If the host is Donato, it will be an Italian pasta dish. In the case of Germán Martitegui, a gourmet recipe. And, if the host is Damián Betular, the selection will be a dessert.

After introducing the dish selected for the challenge, participants will be able to receive instructions from the chefs to imitate the dish as best as possible. They will transmit their knowledge in all possible ways: shouts, gestures and gestures, but without having contact with the preparation.

At some point during the challenge, a buzzer will sound that will indicate to the chefs that they must leave the kitchens, to leave the participants alone and dedicate themselves to observing and analyzing what they are doing from a monitor.

When the time is up, and after a thorough tasting and evaluation, the host will announce the winner of the grand cash prize.

This exclusive Paramount + content based on a Banijay Rights format, will add to the great offer of global and original content offered by the premium streaming platform, such as No Activity, Two Weeks to Live, Yellowstone, Killing Eve, and the drama series from Showtime, Your Honor, in addition to the global formats of MTV and Comedy Central: Acapulco Shore, Families of the Mafia, Jersey Shore, Se Rentan Cuartos and La Culpa es de Malinche in Spanish-speaking countries, and DEFEX Brasil, A Treta Não Tira Férias, and A Culpa e do Cabral in Brazil.