Pena ajena, the Mexican adaptation of the Spanish series Vergüenza, finished filming in Mexico City.

In February 2020, the international production company El Estudio revealed to the market the 60 projects it had underway, among which was the Mexican adaptation of the Spanish series Vergüenza for the OTT platform Pantaya.

And now, more than a year and a half later, Pantaya and El Estudio announced the completion of filming for the series, which will be called Pena ajena.

As detailed, filming took place in various locations in Mexico City.

Pena ajena will star Adrián Uribe (Man overboard, Suave patria) and Mónica Huarte (My boyfriend’s pills, Tired of kissing toads).

It was written and directed by Santiago Fábregas (The Taco Chronicles) and Diego Graue (The Lightning Candidate), along with Francisco González Payó (Saving Soldier Pérez) and Dariela Pérez Hernández (The House of Flowers), co-writers of the series.

It will consist of 10 episodes of 30 minutes each.

“Good comedy is difficult to find, great comedy is a diamond in the rough, being able to count on two comedy greats such as Adrián Uribe and Mónica Huarte as the central couple, the great creative team led by Santi Fábregas, and all the production supported by Pablo Cruz and El Estudio makes us believe that Pena ajena is one of those great jewels in the comedy genre,” commented Mario Almeida, content director of Pantaya.

“Pantaya is proud to be the co-producer of what could be one of the most ingenious Mexican series of today,” he added.

“When I saw Verguenza, I thought, ‘This is the most irreverent series I’ve ever seen. What would happen if we bring it to Mexico?’,” commented Pablo Cruz, partner and president of El Estudio.

“I knew that Adrián Uribe and Mónica Huarte were perfect as the protagonists, and we are very excited that they have agreed to be part of our team. Also, working with Paul, Mario and the entire Pantaya team is a true pleasure and honor, and together we accept the challenge of bringing something to Mexico so different from what we are used to seeing here,” he added.

In addition to Adrián Uribe and Mónica Huarte, the cast includes Juan Carlos Colombo (Falco), Luz María Jerez (Por amar sin ley) and Jorge Caballero (Herederos por accidente), with Dominika Paleta (El hotel de los secretos), Martha Claudia Moreno (La muchacha que limpia),Karina Gidi (Los adioses), Rodrigo Murray (Amores perros), Ximena Ayala (La negociadora), Claudette Maillé (La casa de las flores), Cecilia Toussaint (Imperio de mentiras), Kalimba (Divina confusión), Manuel Ojeda (Quererlo todo) and María Rojo (Señora acero).

Pena ajena was an original Movistar+ series produced by Apache Films. It is distributed internationally by the German Beta Film as Spanish Shame.