A new report by Synamedia, based on a study by Ampere Analysis, indicates over half of sports fans consume ilegal content on a regular basis.

A new report by Synamedia, based on a study by Ampere Analysis, sheds light on the problem of content piracy in the world of sports, claiming over half of sports fans regularly access illegal content.

The report, which promises to be part of a series of reports on audiovisual content piracy, is titled “Charting Global Sports Piracy”, and draws its results from a study conducted in ten countries with the participation of more than 6,000 sports fans.

The figures reveal that, while 89% of people who define themselves as sports fans have a legal subscription to an OTT service, more than half (51%) admit to consuming illegally transmitted sports events, to a rate of at least one event per month.

Of those users of pirated content, 42% consume sports every day, which is more than 60% higher than what sports fans average.

One possible conclusion is that there is much more appetite for sports content than what these “super” fans have legal access to, one of the reasons that turns them to pirated content.

The report divides fans according to their consumption of sports content and, within this, pirated content, finding that the countries with the greatest passion for soccer are where the main consumers of sporting events are and, therefore, the largest consumers of pirated sports content (35% of these fans watch illegal content).