Since its premiere, the first season of the Turkish drama, produced by OGM Pictures, has surpassed Star TV’s average share by more than double.

After Dori Media Group (DMG) signed the remake right license with OGM Pictures for award-winning treatment and Israeli-drama, Shtisel, the story has received even more success with Turkish adaptation Ömer.

Season 1, consisting of 21 2-hours episodes, surpassed Star’s average share double and persistently received the top spot in the ratings.

Produced by OGM Pictures Turkey, (Another self?, My Home My Destiny, Golden Boy), Ömer brings a refreshing twist to conventional love story narratives, elevating them to an essential and captivating prime-time experience. The Turkish remake is directed by Cem Karci, 6-time nominee and 2013 winner of Pantene Golden Butterfly Award for Best Director for TV drama, Karadayi.

Ömer moves the basic plot of Shtisel to a world of Muslims who have preserved its culture for thousands of years with its magical and mysterious ways, unique to any other culture. The series follows Ömer Ademoglu (played by Selahattin Pasali) a muezzin in the mosque where his father, Resat (played by Baris Falay), works as an imam. As Ömer’s life turns upside down he meets single mother, Gamze (played by Gokce Bahadir) and together they navigate the tests of family, tradition, and love.

Season 1 was a great success, with ratings that have steadily climbed since the pilot. Starting at around 4.46% in early January, the share had risen to an impressive 14.81% by the end of February. The cumulative popularity motivated shares and rankings, achieving the top position from late February. This remarkable achievement reflects the program’s increasing appeal and status as the most-watched show during that period.

Its AB commercial demo has attracted particular attention. When examining specific audience segments like AB SES and 20+ABC1, Ömer consistently outperformed the overall ratings and shares. Both OGM and Dori Media anticipated the strong resonance with these target audience groups. As

Nadav Palti, CEO & President of DMG, said before the show aired, “a format like this just goes to show how audiences from all backgrounds, be they Muslim or Jewish, or anyone else for that matter, can relate to the same family values and often fraught dynamics, significance of tradition, ceremony of food, etc., portrayed in Shitsel”.

Shtisel, produced by Abot Hameiri (a Fremantle company) and Dikla Barkai for YES, was created and written by Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky. The international hit drama, carried on Netflix in the US, has captured imaginations worldwide since 2013, with the first season winning 11 awards at the Israeli TV Awards 2013.

OGM Pictures is due to release the next season of Ömer this September 2023.

Nadav Palti, CEO & President of Dori Media Group, said: “Since the first episode was released, Omer has continued to the gain undeniable momentum and audience appreciation born with Shtisel. We are honored that such an excellent Turkish production company has placed our internationally acclaimed treatment in harmony with Muslim culture and traditions. The success of the first series of Ömer is a testament to the universality of themes explored in romantic dramas in particular. It is clear that dramas remain primetime viewing for audiences across the world. We are excited to see this international triumph continue.”

Onur Guvenatam, Founder of OGM Pictures, Turkey, said: “We are thrilled with the overwhelming success of Ömer and its resonance with the Turkish audience. Adapting Shtisel and exploring the rich cultural heritage with its magical and mysterious elements has created a fascinating and unique viewing experience. We are proud to have brought this internationally acclaimed format to the Turkish audience and look forward to continuing the triumph of Ömer in the upcoming episodes.”