In just four years, Ollang has become a big player in the content localization business, with a vast array of services and a powerful AI dubbing technology that it keeps developing to answer the needs of their clients around the globe.

Headquartered in the US, and with a global presence through offices in strategic locations like Istanbul, Dubai, Paris and Seoul, Ollang has become a key player in the booming content localization business. Founded in 2019, the company has experienced significant growth and evolution in just four years.

“Our extensive network allows us to serve clients from all corners of the world, ranging from international OTT platforms to local media groups and individual content creators who benefit from our comprehensive content localization, studio dubbing, AI dubbing services, subtitling, and closed captioning,” explains Furkan Han, Sales & Partnership Director at Ollang. “Our global reach ensures that we can meet the diverse needs of our clients across the globe”.

In this global approach, Latin America plays a key role: “The region has emerged as a dynamic and increasingly influential market in the global media and entertainment industry,” points out Han. “As Latin America continues to flourish as a hub for content production and consumption, Ollang is committed to actively expanding our presence as a trusted localization partner for clients in this vibrant and expanding market”.

The company works with a wide array of titles, including movies, TV shows, streaming content, video games, educational materials, corporate videos, documentaries, and advertising campaigns.

Trends wise, Han shares that languages like Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and French have been booming: “These languages have seen increased demand due to regional trends and the global media landscape,” he details.

On the technology side, AI is a disruptive technology that Ollang is embracing: “One notable development has been the increasing demand for our AI dubbing services, driven by advancements in AI technology,” says Han. “We have continually improved the quality and efficiency of our AI dubbing solutions, making them a key growth area for our business.”

“Ollang is at the forefront of combining the power of AI technology with people-back oversight and is committed to growing this approach to better service our clients,” adds the executive. “As we move forward, Ollang remains dedicated to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction, and we anticipate continued growth and evolution in response to industry trends and emerging technologies.”