Under the local title Ciudad Cruel, the new Turkish drama will premiere in Spain on the Atresmedia thematic network next Wednesday, December 9 at 9:00 pm, and will also be available on ATRESplayer Premium.

Nova is preparing for its next great Turkish premiere: Ruthless City, which will make its debut next Wednesday, December 9, exclusively in Spain from 9:00 p.m. under the title Ciudad Crue.

Distributed internationally by Kanal D International, the beginning of the Turkish drama is now available on ATRESplayer PREMIUM.

Ruthless City is a production by Avşar Film and Şükrü Avşar, with a script signed by Sirma Yanik (Mrs. Fazilet and her daughters, Feriha’s Secret), Aysun Erdogan, Seda Cakir Avunduk and Ozlem Tasagal Yakici, and has been directed by Cevdet Mercan or Senol Sonmez, among others.

It tells the story of two families, the Yilmaz and the Karaçay, united by fate in a great mansion in Istanbul; a love story between two worlds and wealth and poverty as differentiating elements are some of the central themes of this compelling story, shot in Istanbul in impressive exteriors and luxurious mansions.

Deniz Ugur, Bahar Sahin, Sera Kutlubey, Berker Güven, Fikret Kuskan, Mine Tugay, Mehmet Ozan Dolunay, Idris Nebi Taskin and Simay Barlas head the broad cast.

The premiere comes at a golden moment for Nova’s Turkish telenovelas: Fugitiva (584,000 and 3.4%, third most watched of the month) and Hercai (540,000 and 4.5%) are leaders and the most watched thematic series. Fugitiva also concentrates the most viewed non-sports broadcasts of the month on themes.

Also thematic leader is Sila (2.6% 2.6% and 416,000 viewers) in the most watched month since its return, while Elif (3.2% and 426,000) is the leading telenovela in its time slot. This past Monday, November 30th, Cennet, the thematic leader of its time slot, was successfully premiered with 3.5% and 526,000.