The new, original thriller started filming in Tenerife, Spain, starring Fernanda Castillo, Juan Pablo Fuentes, Flavio Medina, Karena Flores.

TelevisaUnivision today named the stars who make up the cast of Isla Brava (working title), the new ViX+ Original series that the company is producing with Onza Américas. The cast is headlined by Fernanda Castillo, Erik Hayser, Flavio Medina, Bárbara López, Pablo Astiazarán, Juan Pablo Fuentes and Karena Flores, among other major talents.

Created by Esther Feldman and directed by Pitipol Ybarra, Isla Brava tells a story of mystery, forbidden love and revenge.

On the same night that Lucía (Fernanda Castillo) decides to confess to her husband Alfredo (Flavio Medina), owner of a luxurious resort on the Costa Brava, that she is in love with his younger brother Bruno (Erik Hayser). Alfredo mysteriously disappears without a trace. His body is missing, and there are no signs of violence. A detective with unconventional methods comes along to solve the case. The search for Alfredo will reveal a storyline darkened by greed, blackmail, gambling debts and a discovery that will bring a perverse family secret to light.

The cast is headlined by star Fernanda Castillo (Una Mujer sin Filtro, Ya Veremos, Mi Pequeño Gran Hombre, El Señor de los Cielos, Enemigo Interno, Monárca ), who plays Lucía, Alfredo’s strong and beautiful wife; Erik Hayser (Dark Desire, Cecilia, For Better for Worse) as Bruno, her lover and Alfredo’s brother; and Flavio Medina(Mujeres Asesinas, Para Volver a Amar, El Equipo, Amor Bravío, Quiero Amarte, Narcos: México, La Casa de Las Flores) as Alfredo, Lucía’s husband and owner of a great fortune and an exclusive resort.

Also noteworthy: Bárbara López (Amar a Muerte, Desenfrenadas, Señorita 89, El Mesero) in the role of Pilar, the police officer investigating the case; Karena Flores (Si Nos Dejan, Corazón Guerrero) portraying Lucía and Alfredo’s daughter Mora, who is very demanding on herself and seeks thrills as a way out; and Juan Pablo Fuentes (“25 KM, Cecilia) as Thiago, the youngest son, who is kind and sensitive.

They are joined by Mar Sordo (Te Quiero, Me Duele) as Isabel, one of Alfredo’s lovers; Romina Pozo (Despertar Contigo, Fuego Ardiente, Vencer el Pasado, Soltero con Hijas) in the role of Sofía, Mora´s great friend; Pablo Astiazarán (La Venganza de las Juanas, La Última Mirada, Ciudadano Buelna, Cuentos de Pelos, Kipatla) as Jesús, the resort’s head of security; Rubén Sanz (Los Ricos También Lloran, Rubi, The Rodríguez and the Beyond) as Damian, Alfredo’s right hand man; and Renata Ybarra (El Cielo en tu Mirada, Amor a Primera Vista, A la Malal, Qué Despadre) as Josefina, Mora’s loyal friend, among the other stars of this spectacular story.