De la vida al plato, the Spanish company’s new docuseries, will premiere worldwide through on July 24 on Amazon.

Amazon Prime Video has announced this Tuesday that it will premiere the Amazon Exclusive documentary series De la vida al plato on July 24 in more than 240 countries and territories.

De la vida la plato is a documentary series of eight episodes that will show from within the stories of eight of the most recognized restaurants in Spain and will discover what makes them unique: their philosophy, their secrets and their memories.

And it will do so through stories told first hand by the great culinary talents who run them and who have placed establishments such as El Corral de la Morería (Madrid), Echaurren (Logroño), Noor (Córdoba), Casa Solla (Pontevedra), Ricard Camarena (Valencia), Lera (Zamora), Etxebarri (Bilbao) or El Celler de Can Roca (Girona) in the first line of world gastronomy.

Juan Echanove will be in charge of leading this gastronomic space of eight episodes, in which the chefs, sommeliers, room managers or suppliers, among others responsible for each restaurant, will explain their trajectories, anecdotes and beliefs covering the key moments of each restaurant, its values, its recipes, its diners, the daily life of the business and what surrounds it.

In addition, the episodes will feature exclusive images and from the private archive of the owners, as well as images from the archive.

De la vida al plato is a Unicorn Content production, distributed by Mediterráneo Mediaset Spain.

It is part of the agreement that Amazon and Mediaset announced in February.