Following the first two seasons -Night Out and The Candidate-, the Netflix original series is launching The Search (La búsqueda), which revolves around the disappearance of a girl in Mexico City, known as “the Paulette case”.

This Friday, June 12, Netflix will premiere Crime Diaries: The Search (Historia de un crimen: la búsqueda), the third season of its criminal anthology series, Crime Diaries, produced by Dynamo.

The franchise explores real crimes that have rocked different countries for decades and that have generated social confusion, corruption allegations and the search for justice.

The first installment, released in March 2019, was Crime Diaries: The Candidate, and focused on the case of Luis Donaldo Colosio, a Mexican politician and presidential candidate who was assassinated at a campaign event in Tijuana in 1994.

In May 2019, Crime Diaries: Night Out arrived on the platform, about the case of Luis Andrés Colmenares, a Colombian university student who appeared dead after a Halloween party.

And more than a year later Crime Diaries: The Search is launched, which addresses the controversial «Paulette case», as the mysterious investigation into the disappearance of a girl in a residential complex in the metropolitan area in Mexico City.

In 2010, several days after the disappearance of 4-year-old Paulette Gebara, her body appeared in the same bed where she had last been seen.

The new season is directed by Santiago Limón, written by Limón and Silvia Jiménez, and produced by Andrés Calderón, Juan Uruchurtu and Santiago Limón.

Crime Diaries: The Search stars Regina Blandón, Darío Yazbek, Diana Bovio, Fernando Bonilla and Alejandro Calva, among others.

The first two installments of the franchise had 8 episodes.