Parrot Analytics’ Global TV Demand report finds Netflix captured 53.5% of the worldwide demand for digital original series in 2020, marking its lowest number ever due to competition from other services like Apple TV+, HBO Max or Disney+, whose series The Mandalorian was number one in nine territories.

Netflix original series continued to capture a majority of the world’s audience demand for the full year 2020, according to Parrot Analytics’ latest Global TV Demand Report.

However, in the face of new competition from the likes of Disney+, Apple TV+, and HBO Max, Netflix’s 53.5% global share of demand for digital original series was its lowest in our history, and was a 6.3 percentage point decline compared to 2019.

The main reason for this decline for Netflix was the proliferation of new streaming services. In its first full year of availability, Apple TV+ established 3.9% global demand share for digital originals, while HBO Max and Disney+ followed close behind at 3.6% each. Other niche streaming services gained a combined 8.8% of global demand share, reflecting the proliferation and growth of streaming platforms around the world.

Parrot Analytics, the leading television data analytics firm focused on gauging trends and demand for content around the world, examined the demand share for global SVOD platforms, digital original series popularity, and market-specific genre demand shares for the full year 2020 in its recently released 2020 Global Television Demand Report. The report features market-specific analyses including the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Sci-fi dramas, Superhero series, and Crime dramas continued to captivate audiences worldwide. The Mandalorian dominated the digital original charts, and was the most in-demand digital original in nine of the ten countries analyzed.

Meanwhile, seven different series in three different languages accounted for the number two series in the ten markets analyzed.

“The contrast between the #1 and #2 charts also reflects a difference in strategy between Disney+ and Netflix,” noted Parrot Analytics Insights Analyst Christofer Hamilton, who authored the report. “Disney+ has been dependent more on a global blockbuster like The Mandalorian while Netflix has developed a greater number of series that can be more targeted to specific market tastes.”