SigmaDos30 reveals data from its first wave of VOD Analytics, its new OTT audience measurement tool in Spain.

SigmaDos30, a brand that arises from the merger of the social research company Sigma Dos and the startup specialized in audience analysis Dos30, reveals this week the data of its first wave of VOD Analytics, its new OTT audience measurement tool in Spain .

And in this first edition, the predominance of Netflix as the leading OTT in the country was clear.

Indeed, 72% of Spaniards over the age of 16 who enjoy some OTT have access to Netflix, followed by Amazon Prime (67.8%); HBO would go in third place, with a share of 31.3% and Disney, with 29.5%.

At the level of preferences, Netflix is also the platform preferred by the youngest: up to 87.9% of them are inclined towards it. Amazon is second with 67.1%.

But the big surprise is that, when moving to the adult segment between 45 and 64 years old, Amazon Prime obtains the first position, reaching 70.8% of these adults. Netflix follows with 68.2%.

The most cited reasons for signing up to an OTT platform, meanwhile, are the variety of contents (65.9%) and the possibility of consuming them at the time they want (46.6%); while the main causes of cancellation are the little use of the platform (22.8%) or the end of the series or favorite content (18.6%).

53.3% access OTTs daily and 35.2% several days a week. The most used device is the Smart TV (82.22%) followed by the smartphone (43.42%). The peak hour for OTTs is not very different from linear television: 58.43% do so between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, while during the weekend consumption is divided more between the different hours of the day.

VOD Analytics is carried out from 3,600 quarterly interviews through the online panel TrustSurvey of Sigma Dos. The field work has been carried out in the second and third week of January.