The fiction, inspired by “the robbery of the century” that occurred in Chile in 2014, will be released in 2024.

Netflix announced the start of production of Baby Bandito, a series produced by Fabula, with the general direction of Julio Jorquera (Kidnapping News) and the direction of Fernando Guzzoni (Blanquita) and Pepa San Martín (Rare).

The fiction is inspired by the robbery of the century that occurred in Chile in 2014 and tells the story of Kevin (Nicolás Contreras), a charismatic skater who decides to steal the plan of a gang of dangerous thieves to steal seven million dollars from the airport and thus give his girlfriend Genesis (Francisca Armstrong) the life she deserves.

The rest of the band is made up of Pantera (Pablo Macaya), Mística (Carmen Zabala) and Panda (Lukas Vergara) who will join this adventure led by Kevin.

Carolina Leconte, director of series and movies for Chile at Netflix, said: “We are very happy to continue producing series in Chile. We want to continue betting on stories and local talent and we are sure that together with Fabula we will make Baby Bandito thrill all our members not only in Chile but also in the rest of the world”.

In addition, Fabula’s series director for Latin America, Ángela Poblete, commented: “Baby Bandito is a series that combines very entertaining genres: suspense, action and romance. It presents us with very charismatic characters faced with an extraordinary circumstance such as having more than seven million dollars from one minute to the next. The temptation to display them is enormous in the age of social media. But it is a triumph and, at the same time, a condemnation. From there, a series of unexpected turns take place, typical of a heist”.

Baby Bandito will be available exclusively on Netflix in 2024.