The Israeli company will film two projects in Latin America during 2023, a year in which it will produce around ten titles

Dori Media Group has fully stepped on the accelerator of its facet as a producer in 2023, where it hopes to be behind ten projects in total -perhaps even more- with two of them filming in Latin America: one in Mexico and another in Uruguay .

“We will start producing in Uruguay in April and in Mexico we will do so at the end of March,” Nadav Palti, CEO and president of Dori Media Group, told ttvnews during the third and final day of Content Americas 2023.

AMIA is the six-episode miniseries that will be filmed in Uruguay, a story based on the tragic real events that occurred in Buenos Aires in the attack in 1994. The series will feature Argentine, Uruguayan and Israeli actors, but the production will be in charge of a Uruguayan company that has not been disclosed.

The series in Mexico, for its part, will have twenty episodes and will begin filming at the end of March, although in both cases February will be a key month to finalize pre-production details.

“We are in Miami looking for co-production opportunities,” Palti said. “We have had very interesting meetings for important productions for the future, within a year. This year we already have several projects underway.”

In addition to the two series filmed in Latin America, Dori will be behind eight projects in Israel, completing around 10 series by the end of 2023. “It’s a very busy year for us,” exclaimed the executive.

Among the projects in Israel, the production of the Hamman series is already finished and its first two episodes have been completed. “It is a series of six episodes, of a very high level, that will be released in Israel in the second quarter of the year by Kan 11, the main broadcaster in the country,” Palti said.