Movistar Play announced that Un día eres joven, its first original series in Latin America, will premiere on September 13.

Un día eres joven, the first original series produced in Latin America by Movistar, will premiere in the region on September 13 through Movistar Play.

Its premiere will be on Movistar’s VOD platform, which will release two new episodes a week. And starting October 6, it will air on Movistar Series.

The announcement was made by Movistar, which also revealed two new trailers for the anticipated series.

Un día eres joven is a comedy with eight, 25-minute episodes, directed by Joanna Lombardi and Bruno Ascenzo. It was written by María José Osorio, recognized for the hit movie Single Greedy.

Set and produced in Peru, the series tells the story of a group of friends and their lives as they reach their 30’s: Ale, a bankrupt entrepreneur; Bethlehem, a good girl with an identity crisis; Gabriel, a heartless architect; Pancho, the always indecipherable owner of a craft brewery; and Fabi, a fashion influencer.

Between memes, coworking, WhatsApp groups and anxiety, a lot of anxiety, the series shows how these millennials pursue their dreams and live by their own rules… or at least that’s what they put in their Instagram photos.

The series stars Peruvian actors Jely Reátegui (Ale), Rodrigo Palacios (Pancho), Emilia Drago (Belén), Oscar Meza (Gabriel), Gisella Ponce de León (Fabi) and Wendy Ramos, who plays Belen’s mother.

Mexican singer and actress Ximena Sariñana has a special participation in the series playing Nina, a free-spirited photographer.

In addition to Un dia eres joven, Movistar is already preparing new original series in Latin America: Ruido Capital from Colombia and El dia de mi suerte from Peru.

It’s also set to produce more series in Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina in 2020.