This is an absolute record for the platform according to Ampere Analysis projections.

When in 2013 Ted Sarandos (then Chief Content Officer of Netflix and today co-CEO), said that the platform’s plan was to reach the premiere of one original production per week, many doubted whether his promise would be possible.

However, little time had to go by to see that his promises became a reality. And today, less than 10 years later, the present exceeds the best omen that Sarandos could imagine: Netflix already releases more than one original per day.

According to Ampere Analysis projections, Netflix will exceed its own record for original premieres during 2022, with a total of 398 throughout the year.

The figure includes all the shows already announced for this year and those that, still in production, will probably be released in the year. The list could even grow with new premieres or shows in production not yet announced.

To date, Netflix has released 55 shows so far in 2022 and has 56 more already with confirmed dates. An additional 97 are confirmed for 2022 but no date has been announced yet.

Another 88 have already finished their production and are waiting to know the exact plans of the platform and 102 are currently in advanced stages of their production.

“The competition to retain subscribers in the face of new competitors has made Netflix one of the world’s leading content producers,” said Richard Cooper, Research Director, Ampere Analysis.

“Netflix’s planned releases for 2022 show an increase in diversity and a greater number of international content, with more genres than ever. The promise of more and better content is exactly what the streaming giant needs to satiate the voracious appetite for content from its 222 million global subscribers and minimize churn going forward,” he added.