The studio hit a record sales figure of 3.6 million euros in 2021, up 46.7% from 2020.

Mondo TV Studios, part of the Mondo TV Group, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content, registered record sales of 3.6 million euros in 2021, 46.7% more than in 2020. This growth was mainly due to the excellent performance of the business segment dedicated to animation services. In addition, the strategic decision taken during 2020 to significantly expand the company’s Canary Islands studio, incorporating 3D animation capabilities, has made it possible to respond to growing demand in the industry. It has also bought about greater recognition of the quality services offered by Mondo TV Studios.

This increased activity has boosted the generation of EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization), which, adjusted for the tax deduction generated in 2021 for the execution of foreign productions (a form of tax rebate), amounted to 1.3 million euros. This is 42.3% higher than the figure achieved in 2020. It also came about despite the strong growth in expenditure on personnel during the period, which was an inevitable consequence of increased activity.

2021 was a key year for Mondo TV Studios in its aim to improve its market position and take advantage of accelerated growth in the audiovisual sector. This growth has been driven by technological changes and greater consumer interest in digital content, two factors that, since 2020 and even mid-pandemic, have been at the heart of the company’s restructuring process. A key event in this process came in September 2021 with the formal announcement of the creation of Mondo TV Studios, a new company resulting from the merger of Mondo TV Producciones Canarias and Mondo TV Iberoamérica. This new brand brings together a number of activities: animation services, production and co-production of both animation content and fiction for a more adult target, distribution, licensing & merchandising.

Within the Mondo TV Studios business lines, it was animation services that stood out in 2021. Revenues here grew by 185.8% compared to 2020, reaching around 2 million euros. This line of business – together with production and co-production – enjoyed a significant increase in activity that translated into a total of 12 animation productions and services, 50% more than in 2020.

It is also worth highlighting the company’s entry in 2021 into new business segments – notably video games. This represents a strategic commitment for Mondo TV Studios. It was boosted through the introduction of a video game inspired by its animated series MeteoHeroes, recently launched for Playstation and PC, and coproduced with major names in the sector like Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Spain. Mondo TV Studios’ objective is to build a strong presence in this promising sector, one that boasts 16 million players in Spain alone. That places Spain in the Top 10 worldwide by market size and makes it the fifth largest video game and E-sports market in Europe.

To summarize, then: a favourable outlook for the audio-visual sector in Mondo TV Studios’ main markets, the company’s expanded operating capabilities and better competitive positioning, its entry into new promising business segments such as video games, and capital management with well-controlled risks, and the financial support of the parent company Mondo TV S.p.A will allow it to establish positive fundamentals on which to build the future of the company.

Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Studios, said: “The introduction of the Mondo TV Studios brand underlines our aim to present to the market a more agile, efficient, competitive structure focused on innovation and sustainability. Our priority is to become a highly strategic partner in the production and marketing of a wide variety of entertainment content internationally. Being listed therefore reinforces our commitment to transparency and, of course, provides us with greater visibility as a company.”

She added: “We are promoting our investor relations policy to bring our strategic initiatives and growth expectations closer to the investment community and Biti codes analysts. This, we feel, will help us to build a greater and more varied number of investors, made up not only of our traditional supporters in the audiovisual market, but also others who understand that our sector is experiencing strong growth and who want to be a part of that growth.”