The Ukrainian distributor signed several deals for its catalog of kids and factual content with international broadcasters.

Ukrainian distributor MKMG (former MK Media Group) is looking forward to the new year but also wants to sum up 2020 year.

Ukrainian TV channels UA:PBC (Suspilne), PlusPlus and Volia CINE + KIDS bought the bestseller educational children’s animation Lessons of Aunt Owl (Multipedia) (49 hours), which teaches young viewers the alphabet, arithmetic, basics of safety, as well as tells about the climate, seasons, the world of wildlife, pets, etc.

Earlier this year, the PlusPlus added to the grid puppet show Mouse Science (13×11’), dedicated to the learning of physical and chemical phenomena through interesting experiments. UA:PBC also chose Mouse Science as well as edutainment title Infotoy (26×7’) with fascinating stories about world-famous toys.

Ukrainian channels UATV and Dom updated their program line-ups with the family animation Anyday Holiday (26×7’) about the traditions of celebrating the New Year and Christmas in the world. In addition, their viewers will be able to see the program Who’s There? (12×7’) about Pete’s journeys to twelve countries and the impressive historical facts of each one. Earlier this year Who’s There? was chosen by France 3 Corse and has received its Corsican version.

RTV (Germany) and the international culinary channel Kitchen TV, which broadcasts in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, purchased a package of cooking shows. It includes a program about vegetarian food VegOn (50×3′) and a program with easy recipes Simple And Delicious (101×3′). Cooking fillers VegOn and Happy Sweets (100×3′) were picked also by OTT/IPTV DEOD&Telkom platforms (Sub-Saharan region).

Shows about inventions and science have been in high demand this year. UnFortuity (50×3′) produced by MKMG got a Turkish version and soon will be broadcasted in Turkey. The show tells the stories about inventions of important things for mankind: vaccination, stainless steel, X-rays and much more. The longer version of this program with the name Time2Know (12×11′) went to the Sub-Saharan region.

The art filler about famous masterpieces Paintings Of The World (200×3′) and World In Pictures (200×5′), that is sort of a guide to different sights of the world, were bought by RTV.