The Turkish distributor announced its hit drama will premiere in the MENA region through beIN Media Group during Ramadan. It will also soon reach new territories in Asia and Europe, in a deal to be announced.

Mistco announced their brand new historical drama series, The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice, will be on air in MENA via beIN Media Group during Ramadan.

The series, which is rating leader on Monday evenings in all categories in Turkey, is also available via HilalPlay simultaneously with original air time along with other selected Turkish dramas.

The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice will also be available in several countries across Asia and Europe under a new deal which will be announced later.

Aysegul Tuzun said: “MENA is always key region for Turkish Dramas and our company is quite active in this territory from the start. Not only our historical dramas but also our modern dramas such as Golden Cage which was transmitted via Aljadeed TV in Lebanon very successfully and The Circle will be available in the region with Arabic dubbed as well, there are great interests.”

Produced by Akli Film and broadcasted on TRT, the drama series tells An epic journey blended with love, secrets, and struggle. Melikşah (Bugra Gulsoy), who was forced to ascend the throne upon his dad, Alparslan’s death, had received news of the death of his beloved wife, Başulu on the same day. Left of her, was her newly born son, Sencer. Growing without a father, Sencer (Ekin Koc) was trained by Nizamülmülk and the comrades of his grandfather, returning after many years as Sultan Melikşah’s bodyguard. Melilkşah does not know that his son is Sencer.