The Turkish distributor announced the sale of Beloved, Hold My Hand, and Melek, A Mother’s Struggle to Chai Group in Israel.

Turkish distributor Mistco announced an agreement with Chai Group, which acquired three Turkish dramas from the company for Israel.

The titles included are: Beloved, Hold My Hand and Melek a Mother’s Struggle.

Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director of Mistco, said: “These 3 dramas, which they believe in their success, will be broadcast in Israel, one of the precious countries of the Middle East, and that they are happy and proud and they want to negotiate more agreements in the new period.”

Chai Moore, Managing Director of Chai Group, added: “The popularity of the series is due to similarities between Turkish and Israeli audiences and how it echoes many moments, customs, and characteristics of modern Israeli society which they can relate to in their everyday lives.”

Beloved tells an impossible love story. In the middle of an emotional maze, Aziz and Feride must not only overcome the challenges of the former love interest but must face the consequences of the secrets that come to light.

Hold My Hand is the love story between a woman whose life is plagued with tragedies and a man who rejects her family’s dynasty. It was sold to more than 20 countries including Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Kosovo, Albania and Croatia.

Melek follows Melek (Nehir Erdogan, The Foreign Groom), the daughter of the Karadag family, and Halil (Kutsi; Second Chance), the son of the Sirhan family, who are supposed to get married. On their engagement day, Melek escapes with Alpay (Kaan Cakir), the man she loves, and they flee to Berlin.

After this incident, the families never mention Melek’s name again. However, Halil never forgets Melek. The day Melek finds out she has cancer, she also learns that her husband is divorcing her and is gaining custody of her children through forged documents.