The distributor, fresh from closing a new deal with the Turkish TV broadcaster, is taking Come What May, My Lovely Family and The Joy of My Life to Mipcom 2023

Mistco arrives to Cannes on the heels of some big news: the company has secured a deal that extends for three more years its role as the exclusive sales agent deal of TRT productions.

The renewal of the deal with the national public broadcaster of Turkey means that Mistco distributes more than 10,000 hours of content, spanning many genres, and can keep building over the great working already done with TRT’s content during the last 8 years of partnership.

At Mipcom 2023, Mistco will be showcasing some of those great titles, including Come What May, My Lovely Family and The Joy of My Life.

“We will have one new historical drama, and some more from different genres will soon follow,” explains Aysegul Tuzun, Mistco’s Managing Director. “Besides them, in the summer season we have added three new series to our catalog.”

Come What May follows the story of Alize, a selfish young woman who tries to prevent her father to remarrying, after the death of her mother. “It brings that story to the screen with warm and a lot of entertainment,” says Tuzun.

In My Lovely Family, meanwhile, the mother of the house tries to pretend that everything is fine with her family, but the reality forces her and her loved ones to seek help, while the problems keep on piling up. “Its an emotional and cozy story of a big family,” shares the executive.

The Joy of My Life, on the other hand, follows a woman that tries, 20 years later, to return to her medical education. As a housewife and mother of two, she will find out the task its not that easy.

While the details of the new historical drama have not yet been shared, Mistco still has some powerful stories for those seeking a more action-packed offering, with the fourth season of An Anatolian Tale and The Shadow Team.


The distributor first co-production, Bahar, keeps making Mistco proud: “The series has perfectly suit our expectations,”, says Tuzun. “This is a wonderful Istanbul love story that is sincere and shares family values. We are proud to continue to present it to our customers.”

Bahar will be broadcasted in Albania, Romania, Israel, Russia, and Azerbaijan. “Other deals are on the way and to be announced soon,” says the executive.

When looking at the company business in Europe, Tuzun affirms that the “variety of content” at the distributor disposal allows them to “reach every territory”.

“For example, we are very strong with our historical series in Mena and Asia, but our drama series are shining in Europe and Latam too,” she explains.