The SVP of Global Content Licensing and Co-Production at the Hispanic giant spoke with ttvnews at Miptv about the group’s wide range of content and his expectations for the new original series, which premiered successfully on April 14.

TelevisaUnivision was present at a new edition of Miptv at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes just two days after the anticipated premiere of its most recent original production, Montecristo.

Based on the literary classic The Count of Montecristo, by Alxandre Dumas, the fiction premiered last Friday, April 14. Starring William Levy, it is a Secuoya Studios production, with executive production by Sergio Pizzolante.

“Last Friday Montecristo premiered on ViX and we are super happy with the premiere,” Guillermo Borensztein, Senior Vice President, Global Content Licensing and Co-Production of TelevisaUnivision, told ttvnews during the event in Cannes.

“It is a super-known IP globally, and it acts as a magnet for clients around the world who have already come to us to ask about this content. There are six episodes and we have great expectations with our Secuoya partners, from TelevisaUnivision and ViX, for it to become a global phenomenon,” he added.

Montecristo tells the story of Alejandro Montecristo (William Levy), an enigmatic figure who becomes known and causes concern among the world elite regarding the origin of his fortune and mysterious past. Montecristo is the founder and CEO of a new technology company that has generated envy and interest in many, including Fernando Álvarez Mondego (Roberto Enríquez), a businessman connected to the Spanish aristocracy who wants to buy the Montecristo startup. What Fernando does not know is that he met Montecristo several decades ago and that the reason why he has suddenly reappeared in his life is none other than revenge.

As for the rest of the company’s extensive catalogue, Borensztein highlighted the variety of the offer that the group is presenting at Miptv: “From TelevisaUnivision we are presenting great content from Las estrellas. We are also taking the opportunity to present ViX originals to the market. It is a complementary offer with the content of Las estrellas”, highlighted the executive.

“In addition, we are also presenting the new team where Karina Etchinson joined as a leader for content distribution for the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia. We hope to have a well-attended presence at an event that is important to us, where we meet with partners, clients and friends from all over the world, strengthening relationships”, he concluded.