Maxi Iglesias and Ximena Romo star in the original dramedy, currently filming in Spain and the US

TelevisaUnivision, the world’s leading Spanish-language content and media company, today released at Mipcom the first images of Los Artistas (The Artists, working title), an original dramedy that will exclusively premiere on ViX+.

Starring Maxi Iglesias (Dueños del Paraíso, Velvet, Física o Química) and Ximena Romo (María Félix: la Doña, Señorita 89, El Color de la Pasión), Los Artistas is a high-stakes heist story of deceit, forgery and suspense, set in the rarified world of multi-million-dollar art.

Taking place in Spain and the U.S., Los Artistas is María Dueñas’ first direct-to-series project and the first series under the first-look agreement between the bestselling author and TelevisaUnivision. Francesc Garrido (Waiting for May, El Jaguar) will play the antagonist of the series produced by 360 Powwow and Isla Audiovisual, under the direction of Joaquín Llamas, Oriol Ferrer and Manuel Sanabria and the production of Daniel Gutman and Victor García.

Los Artistas tells the story of Cata, a young Mexican art connoisseur, whom the bitter twists of fate lead to work in a mediocre restaurant in Madrid. Yago is a young Spanish antique dealer forced by bad luck to close his business. Unexpectedly, they get to know each other and their chemistry, paired with the need to find a way out of their harsh circumstances, make them a seductive couple looking for buyers for magnificent works of art. The problem is that such works are fake, extremely fake. With their talent, brazenness, and audacity, they will lead the story of this attractive, addictive series, full of humanity, unexpected turns, irony and beauty.

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