The head of International Sales at Atresmedia International spoke with ttvnews at LA Screenings about the resounding success of the Antena 3 daily series, which debuted as leader and continues to win ratings in Spain.

*By Luis Cabrera and Fernando Moreno, from Los Angeles

Premiered last February on Antena 3, Sueños de Libertad, Atresmedia’s new original series, has become an unprecedented success, not only for the group, but for Spanish TV in general. And now, the Spanish group is present at LA Screenings to offer this true gem to the international market.

“We’ve come to this LASI market with our big bet, Sueños de libertad, a new telenovela that Atresmedia launched just 3 months ago,” Miguel García, Head of International Sales at Atresmedia International, told ttvnews. “It is currently the most watched fiction series in the entire country. It has been a success. It has surpassed its rivals, very consolidated soap operas, in viewership, with which we are super happy.”

“In fact, we continue to produce and write new episodes and we hope that the first season will have 236 episodes,” he added.

Produced by Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Diagonal (Banijay Iberia), the series takes place in Spain in 1958 and tells the story of Begoña Montes, a woman trapped in a toxic marriage, but with an optimistic and hopeful future due to her incessant search for freedom.

“Sueños de libertad is undoubtedly something different from what the Atresmedia catalog usually includes. We are characterized by short series of few episodes. But in this case it is a telenovela that is just as premium as any other content in the catalog and has great international potential. Because it has all the ingredients of a good melodrama, of successful dramatic series, not only in Spain but internationally. It has passion, revenge, loves. Everything necessary to succeed and that is why it is happening in Spain,” explained the executive.

“Plus the actors are top notch. The production company, Diagonal, with expertise in what is the enormous daily series. Before Sueños de libertad they were working on Amar es para siempre, with more than 12 years of broadcast. It was a guarantee of success, without a doubt,” he concluded.