Atresmedia Internacional presents a catalog led by the drama Las noches de Tefía, about the Francoist concentration camp in the sixties.

As part of LASI 2023, which is taking place these days at the Fairmont Century Plaza hotel in Los Angeles, Atresmedia Internacional is presenting one of the most important titles in its catalogue, the drama Las noches de Tefía.

“Las noches de Tefía is a very powerful and truly moving drama about the concentration camps that existed in the 1960s in Spain, where they took people with ‘low morals’, as they called homosexuals,” explained Miguel García Sánchez, head of International Sales at Atresmedia Internacional. “It is a musical drama where they imagine a cabaret within the harsh conditions of living in Tefía”.

The Tefía Penitentiary Agricultural Colony was a Francoist concentration camp for dissidents and homosexuals, located on the island of Fuerteventura. In the story, the horrors of the countryside are present, as well as the indomitable spirit of the victims, who dream of a better place. Marcos Ruíz, Patrick Criado, Miquel Fernández and Roberto Álamo make up part of the cast.

On a lighter note, Atresmedia is also presenting Zorras, a dramedy based on the novels by the journalist and influencer Noemi Casquet. “It is the story of three young people who live in Madrid, with totally different profiles but with something in common: they want to change their lives because this is not what they had dreamed of,” explained García Sánchez. “They decide to create the Club de las Zorras, a group where they will experience and fulfill all their sexual fantasies. It is a fresh message of female empowerment and with many touches of humor”.

Atresmedia continues to promote Upa Next, the sequel to Un paso adelante that was recently released by AtresPlayer and had a successful premiere of its first episode on Antena 3. “We believe that it is a franchise that would be very successful in Latin America and we are looking for the ideal window”, explained the executive.

“In entertainment formats we have Camino a casa, a format where Alberto Espinosa, the creator of Pulseras rojas, accompanies celebrities to their place of origin to learn about his childhood,” added García Sánchez. “It’s fresh, familiar and with a point of nostalgia and drama.”

Atresmedia Internacional also offers Rabia, a format selected by The Wit as one of the most innovative today. “It is a digital format, highly targeted at generation Z, in which eleven influencers enter a space that we have decorated in a terrifying way, and where they will live a game where one is a murderer and the other is the victim,” explained the executive. “They will have to find out who the murderer is before they are eliminated. It is a program with a hectic pace and with great integration of social networks.

Lastly, García Sánchez shared that even more top-of-the-line content is coming from Atresmedia in the coming months: “For the coming months and for 2024 we have a lot of great productions on the way. We have the return of the iconic Veneno, we have Red Flag, we have Dejate ver and also a biopic about Camilo Sexto”.