The Chilean network, pioneer in the world of Turkish series, has begun promoting the premiere of Wounded Love by O3 Medya and Kanal D.

Aired successfully in Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico, Chilean network Mega is now finally premiering Turkish drama Wounded Love, aired in Turkey on Kanal D in 2016, featuring the couple from 1001 Nights, Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel.

Produced by 03 Medya and distributed by Kanal D International, the series will air in Chile “very soon” under the local title Eres mi vida.

Set in the First Balkan War (1912-1913) and the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922), the series tells the story of a family who got separated during the war and seeks by all means to meet again.

Cevdet, the main character, is based on the life of soldier Mustafa Mümin Aksoy.

In Turkey, the drama aired on Kanal D between 2016 and 2018, with a total of 59 episodes. Its original title is Vatanım Sensin.

No 309 Premieres in Spain

Meanwhile in Spain, telenovela network Divinity has begun promoting the Turkish romantic comedy, No 309.

Acquired months ago as part of a package from Calinos Entertainment which also included In Spite of Love (Inadina Ask) and Cherry Season (Kiraz Mevsimi), the comedy is already being promoted as Habitación 309.

No. 309 is a Gold Film production. It was originally broadcast on FOX Turkey. Its distribution is in charge of Calinos Entertainment.