The international distributor will be present in Cannes with a vast selection of drama series, formats and documentaries for the international audience.

Mediaset Distribution unveiled its selection of titles for the upcoming Mipcom Cannes, which will take place on the week of October 17 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

Claudia Marra will attend the market and will be present at the Italian Pavillon in the Riviera to showcase a vast selection of drama series, formats and documentaries for the international audience.


BACK TO SCHOOL (Game show, kids – 5×140′)

Back To School (5 episodes) is a game show aired by Italia 1 on January 4 in prime time, produced by Blu Yazmine for RTI. The first episode reached almost 2mln viewers with an audience share of 9.8% above the average share of the channel, while the commercial target group reached a very good audience share of 13.62%. In each episode, a group of children aged 8 to 10 help celebrities to pass the much feared and first real test we all have experienced in our lives: the fifth-grade exam at the elementary school. The host Nicola Savino presents twenty-five celebrities from the world of entertainment, music and sports and invite them to go back to school to attend classes given by 12 children. In each episode, the six candidates take the final exam in front of an examination commission formed by five real teachers who will decide either to promote or hold them back to the next episode. Before taking the exam, they will receive help from a team of twelve whiz kids, aged 8 to 10 years, who will be their teachers. Recently broadcast in Germany by SAT.1 achieved a very good audience share with 9.6% in the commercial target group 14-49 and 1.53 mln viewers tuned to the first episode on Wednesday, August 24 at 20.15!

JUSTICE FOR ALL (Drama – 6×45′)

Drama series starring Raul Bova, playing the role of Roberto, a man unjustly accused of murdering his wife who is sentenced to prison for 10 years. During this long-term in jail, he manages to study the penal code and get a degree in law as he wants to prove his innocence and find the real murderer. Once out of the prison, he is offered a job as a lawyer in a firm where he will focus all his efforts on defending innocents like him, in a desperate need to gain back his daughter’s trust and affection who still considers him guilty.

MY DEAR BROTHER (Drama – 8×50′)

Is a family comedy series that tells the story of two half-brothers, Alberto and Nino, who have the same father but could not be more different from each other. Nino and Alberto don’t know each other. They have never met but share an important thing: the surname. The two half-brothers are both children of the most beloved mayor of Roccatella, a small community in the south of Italy. Their father, Calogero Caputo married Agata in Sicily and had a son called Nino, who works as an artistic talent. Beside this family, Calogero in Milan met Franca and had a second child named Alberto. Calogero moved to Milano to live with Franca the love of his life and therefore Nino grew up in Sicily wi- thout his father. He grew up with a sad feeling for this abandonment, that his mother never tried to mitigate. Nino lives his life in Sicily without knowing about his brother in the north of Italy. Starring Nino Frassica and Cesare Bocci.

THE GOOD FAMILY (Drama – 8×50′)

The series tells the years 1985-1992 through the eyes of Maria, the youngest of a fishermen’s family from Bari. Maria is a lively girl with an insolent way of doing for whom she earned her the nickname of Malacarne. Summers in old Bari pass through the alleys of a district made up of abuses suffered and inflicted on which it is very difficult to escape. In Maria’s family, in addition to honest father Antonio De Santis (Giuseppe Zeno), loving and submissive mother Teresa (Simona Cavallari), there are two older brothers, Vincenzo and Giuseppe and Grandmother Antonietta, old and wise. Maria’s only fixed point, in the years between childhood and adolescence, is Michele, the son of the most unfortunate family in the city, that of the boss Nicola Straziota. The friendship between the two is strengthened and strengthened, despite the hostility of the families and the low blows of life. Until that feeling, strong and delicate at the same time, will not become love. A love that, even if impossible, preserves them from the decadence that surrounds them.


A collection of docs for the unique cities of Rome, Venice, Turin, Vatican, Assisi and Orvieto. A privileged view of the most famous historical and artistic treasures of Italy. A walking journey through the treasures, secrets, monuments and the most famous works of art. The Eternal City, Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini, Borromini, Emperor Titus, how to build a gondola and many more in these precious documentaries.

THE SILENCE OF WATER (Thriller drama – 16×50′)

The disappearance of a young girl is the dramatic starting point of an investigation that exposes the dark side behind the respectable façade of a small village by the sea. The local police inspector is soon forced to work with a homicide detective arrived from town. Their investigation will unearth hidden truths and secret affairs, and everybody seems to be involved…

ON THE BRINK (Medical drama – 12×50′)

What happens when something shatters in the delicate mechanism of an adolescent’s mind? And what would happen if there wasn’t someone with the intuition and passion it takes to follow you beyond that threshold? Tosca Navarro is a psychiatrist and the head of a unit which is at the cutting edge of treating adolescents with mental disorders. No one else can see into the fragile minds of them with such clarity and wit. Thanks to her intuition and deep humanity, she always manages to help her young patients, through a proper investigation that often leads her to diagnose (and cure) even those cases which seem unsolvable.

LOVE AND SACRIFICE (Period drama – 22×80′ or 44×40′)

A compelling period drama set in the striking scenery of the Carrara marble quarries. From the last year of the Belle Époque, throughout the inferno of World War One, the series protagonists live out their passions with staggering intensity, just like the epic nature of this extraordinary time.

CODE NAME SOLO (Action, Crime – 16×50′)

The undercover agent Marco Pagani, called Solo, has been engaged for one year in trying to hook the Corona clan, a powerful mafia family that control the Gioa Tauro port and that is organizing the transit from Turkey to America of the largest ever drugs haul. Saving the life of the old Padrino’s son, gives Marco the opportunity of gaining the family’s trust and he becomes Bruno Corona’s best friend. Nobody ever went so far inside a family clan.

ROSY ABATE – THE SERIES (Crime, Drama – 2 seasons, 10 x 100′)

A huge success in Italy with 3.5mln viewers. Rosy made a complete break with her criminal past. Now she has a new name, an honest job and she lives in a quiet town with a loving new boyfriend. But the past comes knocking at her door.

THE QUEEN OF PALERMO (Crime Series – 5×100′ or 10×50′)

A journey through the memories of Antimafia Squad to go over the whole story of Rosy Abate, one of the characters that, with her strong personality and intriguing transformations, enthralled millions of viewers. The early times, the strong bond with Claudia Mares, the rise to power, the prison and then the painful events tied to his beloved child Leonardo…All in sight of the new series dedicated to her.