According to the newspaper Clarín, Disney presented its divestment plan to the Argentine government, which includes the sale of the three Fox channels to the Spanish group Mediapro.

On January 19, it was revealed that after more than three years, the National Competition Commission (CNDC) of Argentina resolved that, in order to approve the Disney-Fox merger, the Mickey Mouse company had to present a divestment plan.

In the meantime, Disney had to broadcast two matches per weekend of the Argentine League on broadcast TV, one of which should be the one played by River or Boca.

Less than a month later, and as confirmed by the newspaper Clarín, Disney finally presented its divestment plan, which includes the sale of the three Fox channels to the Spanish group Mediapro.

At the moment, the operation has not been officially announced nor have the details of the agreement been revealed.

This weekend, with the start of the championship, Fox Sports and Turner will begin their broadcasts and, for the time being, they will not transfer any games to broadcast TV.

The channel also has the rights to the Copa Libertadores, which according to the CNDC resolution must also be transferred to broadcast TV until the divestment is completed.

According to Clarín, since the divestment plan has already been presented, the CNDC’s requirement would no longer be valid.

Other sports rights that Mediapro acquires with the purchase are the UEFA Champions League, the American football tournament NFL, the ATP tennis tournament in Córdoba and Formula 1, among others.

In Mexico, and faced with a similar demand, Disney sold Fox Sports Mexico to the Lauman Group, which is already operating the channel. In that country the operation was closed for 300 million dollars.