The drama was well received by buyers at this year’s Mipcom and Mipcancun.

This year’s market season marked a stellar moment for MediaHub as they unveiled their first original drama series Alaca.

The company, initially focusing on consultancy services and content distribution, made a pivotal move into original productions in 2023 by starting the production company globalsphere with Dubai-based partner Geophil.

The first title born out of the partnership Alaca will be completed as early as January 2024, and two more titles are scheduled to begin shooting the same year.

The details regarding the debut project Alaca were kept tightly under wraps before its official introduction at this year’s MIPCOM and subsequent markets. The series’ premiere unveiled new information that heightened the anticipation of both Turkish Drama fans and potential buyers globally.

The titular character, Alaca, is brought to life by the gifted young actress, Ceyda Ceren Edis, making her remarkable debut in Turkish drama. Melih Özkaya takes on the role of Alaca’s love interest, Kenan, returning to screens after his memorable portrayal of officer Ali in Emanet (Legacy) with great excitement from fans. Joining this dynamic ensemble cast is Burcu Almeman, known for her role in Kırgın Çiçekler (Orphan Flowers) in a sophisticated character portrayal, while esteemed Mine Çayıroğlu Kırık Hayatlar (Broken Lives) takes on the role of Alaca’s mother, Emel. Ufuk Kaplan rounds out the cast as Saniye, a name familiar to lovers of classic hit series Aşk-ı Memnu (Forbidden Love).

With the help of these talented actresses, Alaca showcases a diverse array of strong female characters, each playing a crucial role in the story of a young girl whose kidney is stolen in a brutal kidnapping when her biological father needs a donor for his dying daughter. Unable to understand why she was targeted, she has to embark on a quest for truth that takes her from the small town of Dalaman to Istanbul with her family in tow. Her mission is made all the more difficult by those closest to her including her mother, and the love of her life Kenan, as everyone has their own secrets to keep. The 120 episode series chronicles Alaca’s transformative journey from a young and innocent small-town girl to an empowered and resilient woman. Her pursuit of truth confronts her with the harsh realities of life, shaping her along the way.

At the markets, Alaca was praised for its strong dramatic elements that will satisfy the cravings of Turkish drama addicts, as well as for the cast’s outstanding performances and carefully curated looks and scenery.

Elif Turna, Sales and Business Development Manager for Americas & Europe, said the following regarding the reception at both markets: “’The response to Alaca at Mipcom and MipCancun was overwhelmingly positive, and we were thrilled to witness the warm reception of our brand-new series. Before picking the project, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the distinct requirements of various markets, coupled with a thorough understanding of global audience preferences and expectations. The success and appeal on the international stage are influenced by factors such as the overall production quality, a captivating storyline, and the cultural relevance of the content. With serious consideration given to these elements, there is no doubt that Alaca will be well-received. We eagerly anticipate its debut on screens in the upcoming year and hope to meet our partners in person for an in exclusive look at markets such as DICM, ATF and Content Americas to name a few.”