The Turkish distributor has sold the new docuseries Stop Border Control! to the German broadcaster.

MediaHub announces a significant new deal for Omava docuseries Stop Border Control! with leading German broadcaster RTL. The company had recently announced deals in the CEE and CIS region.

Stop! Border Control a production of Omava, has garnered widespread acclaim for its riveting depiction of the challenges faced by security personnel at bustling border crossings. Following successful runs in the Americas, the series now embarks on a journey to captivate European viewers with its gripping action and insightful narratives.

Elif Turna, Sales and Business Development Manager, stated: “We are delighted to collaborate with RTL Germany to bring ‘Stop! Border Control’ to new audiences. This agreement represents a significant step in our mission to expand the global reach of this impactful series and provide premium content that resonates with viewers worldwide. We are happy to see the strong favorable reception of the series in the Americas region is starting to be reflected in mainland Europe, too.”

When asked what else the buyers can look forward to in the future regarding this collaboration, Elif Turna responded: “We are also very excited to bring new editions of this series from new locations such as Rome and Cuba where we will see a first of a film crew being allowed to shadow authorities in Cuba.”