The VP of Global Operations and the VP of International Sales spoke to ttvnews at Natpe Budapest about the company’s search for new opportunities and the inauguration of its new facilities in Spain.

*By Rodrigo Ros, from Budapest

Earlier this year, The Kitchen announced the opening of a new hub in Madrid, Spain, which will cater to the whole MENA region and centralize its services in the area.

Set to open its doors in the second half of the year, the new studios now have a more official launch date, which is set for September.

“Hopefully by mid-September we will be able to open our doors for our new studios in Madrid and start operating in the new facilities,” said Max Wynen, VP of Global Operations, who will be in charge of leading the new studio from Madrid.

“It is very exciting for us to be able to centralize media services for our clients in this side of the world and hopefully in September we can invite you all into our new home,” added Alexis Cardenas, VP of International Sales at The Kitchen.

In addition to the new studios, the executives are present in Budapest to explore new growth opportunities.

“We are really excited to be in Budapest for Natpe. We came to see what the new tendencies for this territories are, what the evolution of FAST channels is going to be, and if there’s room for us as a dubbing provider in that new stream of the industry”, Cardenas said.

“We keep pushing our studios, we have studios worldwide,” she added.