The Turkish distributor has licensed its films, The Wolf and Hurkus, in Latin America and Spain, respectively, following a very productive Mipcancun for the Turkish distributor.

Turkish distributor Match Point announced new sales for its Turkish feature film, The Wolf (Börü), in Latin America and Brazil.

The Wolf is the story of the Police Special Operations Officers in Ankara, who, despite their wounds, suffering, and impediments, reinstated the Special Forces Command, TürksAT and Akıncı bases and overwhelmed the traitors with the Turkish troops attached to their state on a night of struggle. In one of the darkest moments of the Republic of Turkey, they and many other heroes weren’t afraid, they fought.

In addition, the distributor has sold its other Turkish film, Hurkus, in Spain.

The film revolves around Vecihi Hurkus, undoubtedly one of the most important figures of Turkish aviation history. Hurkus, who lived between the years 1896-1969, is the first aircraft designer and manufacturer of the Republic of Turkey.