The former Telemundo executive joins the new company led by Marcos Santana.

A few days after its launch, Mas Ros Media, the new production company launched by the former president of Telemundo Global Studios, Marcos Santana, added a new member to its team.

Ignacio Barrera, also a former Telemundo executive, is joining the company as president of Sales and Acquisitions.

The executive comes with decades of experience in the media industry, in addition to Telemundo, in groups such as Telecentro, ProducTVty and Albavision.

Launched last week, the new content production company led by Marcos Santana arrives with a focus on the world of video games and esports, and with a sustainable and 100% self-financing matrix.

Mas Ros Media seeks to become the first Hispanic American media company focused on creating “all kinds of content; most of them oriented to the gaming and esports community.

The intention of the production company is to reconnect with the younger generations through more attractive content, related to the universe of video games and with a great focus on sustainability, another frontline concern for new audiences.