Marcos Santana Presents Mas Ros Media

The new startup seeks to produce content with a sustainable approach, 100% self-financing and with a creative hub that it claims has “never been seen before”

Mas Ros Media is the new content producer led by Marcos Santana, created with a focus in the world of gaming and esports, and with a sustainable and 100% self-financing matrix.

“The way in which we have been making productions and contents needs to be reconsidered, a large part of the audience has other interests, their habits are no longer the same, even their way of seeing and doing things is completely new,” says the company in the statement of its presentation. “We live in a world of change, of evolution, and it cannot surprise us that the planet also demands that change from us. Therefore, it is imperative to live with more awareness and commitment.”

Led by a figure of the stature of Santana, Mas Ros Media seeks to become the first Hispanic-American media company focused on creating “all kinds of content, most of it oriented to the gaming and esports community.”

The intention of the production company is to reconnect with the younger generations through more attractive content, related to the universe of video games and with a great focus on sustainability, another frontline concern for new audiences.

“My focus has always been to raise the quality of Hispanic and Latino content,” says Santana. “My commitment now is to do it not only with higher quality, but also responsibly, with a clear purpose and to connect with a young and sensible audience that lives a whole new reality.”

“The entertainment industry is one of the most polluting on the planet,” the company said in the statement. “That is why Mas Ros Media is committed to being the first Hispanic American production company that seeks to create exceptional 100% sustainable content, with the highest Hollywood standards.”

To achieve these goals, Mas Ros Media partnered with Mrs. Greenfilm, one of the most important sustainability consultants for the film industry, their goal is to make every step of the process completely sustainable.

First Class Alliances

In addition to the aforementioned alliance with Mrs. Greenfilm, Mas Ros Media has an important agreement with La Corte, the most important post-production company in Latin America and Spain.

Mas Ros Media was also born with a significant shareholding in FIReSPORTS, the second most important esports company in Latin America, Brazil and the third most important in Spain, with more than 11 million unique users on FIReSPORTS channels on Twitch with original content in English, Spanish and Portuguese, led by its founder and CEO, Rodrigo Figueroa.

In addition, it is also born with important strategic alliances, one of them is Reset TV, integrating the exclusive rights of more than 250 proven formats, including the most successful non-script format in the world: Operación Triunfo. Right now, Toni Cruz and Josep Maria Mainat, the leaders of this company, are working on the development of the first format of a gameshow and a reality show aimed at gamers.

The initiative will also have Mas Ros Creative Hub, an absolutely self-sustaining center for creators of all media disciplines from around the world. Located in the heart of Catalonia, Ros Creative Hub is a 100% sustainable farm that has a rich history dating back to the 17th century and is currently being restored to receive writers, directors, producers and other content creators.