The presence of Globo’s international division in Miami is divided into the sale of content, the search for co-production projects and the desire of sending a clear message about the company’s interest in increasing its presence in the rest of Latin America.

A giant like Globo needs no introduction, but its presence at Content Americas 2023 is intended to communicate a change in its traditional strategy, in order to increase its presence throughout Latin America.

“We want to show how Globo has changed and how it will position itself in the future,” said Marcela Parise, Head of Marketing of Globo’s international division. “We are open to different businesses, co-productions and scripted formats, things that we didn’t do before and now we’re starting to do.”

In addition to looking for new business models. For which Parise assures that very good conversations have already been held, Globo also wants to communicate that its vast portfolio includes much more than the well-known soap operas.

“Today Globo has a vast portfolio of products that are not just soap operas; we have a lot of series, docuseries and children’s content,” said the executive. “We are bringing to market the message that Globo has its next big hit and there are many options, not just soap operas.”

The ultimate goal is to expand its presence in the region: “For us the region is very important. They know us, it’s like our home, but we know we have much more to give.”