Along with primetime hits like Wild Heart, The Brave, Dirty Laundry, and My Wonderful Life are brand new sensations like No Mercy, Remember, and ratings sensation Blooming Lady.

Madd Entertainment, the international distributor of Turkish dramas, is presenting its strongest slate yet at this year’s Miptv in Cannes.

Along with primetime hits like Wild Heart, The Brave, Dirty Laundry, and My Wonderful Life are brand new sensations like No Mercy, Remember, and ratings sensation Blooming Lady.

Blooming Lady is a fresh hit series and Türkiye’s most popular drama today. Over eight episodes, ratings grow impressively which makes the series a mid-season marvel for Show TV.

When stay-at-home mother Bahar faces a life-threatening illness, she decides to make some changes in her life. She goes back to complete the medical residency she had to give up 20 years ago, even though that means working under her husband, the Chief Surgeon, and with her son, another first-year resident. Neither they nor her teenage daughter are happy about it, but Bahar finds satisfaction in her new life. Unfortunately, returning to the hospital also means learning some hard truths about her husband and the life he’s been leading away from their family. Ultimately, Bahar rebuilds her life along new lines filled with hope, love, and self-reliance.

Blooming Lady is based on a 2023 Korean drama, Dr. Cha. MF Yapim’s version features Demet Evgar (Flames of Fate) in the title role along with an all-star cast including Buğra Gülsoy (My Little Girl), Mehmet Yılmaz Ak (Family Secrets), Hatice Aslan (Kuzgun), and Ecem Özkaya (Matter of Respect).

Remember is another new hit drama making waves on Wednesday nights on Kanal D, where it’s known by the Turkish title Taş,Kağıt,Makas, adapted from the Korean drama, Remember: War of the Son. The series delves into the life of Umut Tanrikulu, a young man from a poor neighborhood with an extraordinary memory trait called hyperthymesia. His condition allows him to remember every detail from every moment of his life. Whether that’s a blessing or a curse is not yet clear when Umut’s life takes a tragic turn. His father, Riza, is falsely accused of murder and cannot defend himself due to his struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Umut, alongside the supportive law student Alev and the enigmatic lawyer Harun, embarks on a relentless quest for justice. As Umut fights to prove his father’s innocence, unexpected betrayals and shocking revelations test his resolve, leading to a heartbreaking betrayal during the trial.

Five years later, Umut has become a formidable lawyer, driven by the dual purpose of clearing his father’s name and seeking revenge against those who framed him. He takes on any case where he can frustrate Fecir, a path that eventually leads him back to Alev. But time has passed, and many things have changed for both. Will they find the spark that first brought them together all those years ago? The intricate blend of legal drama, personal vendettas, and the overarching theme of memory and its role in the pursuit of truth have made REMEMBER a great drama.

Remember features an all-star ensemble including Ekin Koç (Magnificent Century), Ozan Güven (The Choice, Phi), Bülent Seyran (Fatmagul), Hande Ataizi (Chrysalis), Serra Arıtürk (The Club, Recipe of Love) as well as Burak Yörük (Nehir, Love, Reason, Get Even) and Hüseyin Avni Danyal (Family Secrets)

No Mercy is an exciting new drama from Ay Yapim airing Friday nights on the NOW network (formerly Fox) under the title Gaddar. The series blends action, romance, and high stakes in a thrilling drama that fans can’t stop talking about. When Aydan broke his heart, Dağhan thought his life was over. He abandoned his home, signed up for the army and ended up in a special unit fighting in the east. Now after two years of hard duty, Dağhan’s service is over. It’s time to come home.

But home is not as Dağhan remembers it. His family is shattered, and his old neighborhood has given way to a dark underworld. Aydan is gone, and even the old friends who remain all seem to be caught up in shady pursuits. When his loved ones come into danger, Dağhan reluctantly accepts an offer to become a professional hitman. But even a hitman needs a code, and sometimes extraordinary circumstances can turn an ordinary man into a hero – especially when Aydan suddenly reappears in Dağhan’s life.

No Mercy is a rollercoaster of emotions, taking viewers on a thrilling journey through Dağhan’s desperate quest for redemption, his fight to bring his family together, and a rekindled romance that blossoms in the face of danger. Çağatay Ulusoy (Insider, A Girl Named Feriha) heads up an all-star cast, including Sümeyye Aydoğan (Little Big Heart, Hear Me) and Onur Saylak (Crash, Kuzgun).

My Wonderful Life is a hit drama from Ay Yapim airing Wednesdays on Türkiye’s top-rated NOW network as Şahane Hayatım. The series stars Hilal Altınbilek (Bitterlands, Black Rose) as Şebnem—an anti-heroine born from adversity—who claws her way to the top of society’s ladder. A scholarship kid at an elite school for the super-rich, no one thought she would make it to their level. But with a dash of plastic surgery and unwavering ambition, Şebnem seizes the ultimate prize: a wealthy husband named Onur, played by Yiğit Özşener (The End, Ezel). Their union promises luxury, privilege, and the envy of all who bear witness. However, the illusion crumbles when the ghosts of Şebnem’s past resurface, threatening her picture-perfect existence.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, Şebnem’s life takes a turn as her criminal history comes back to haunt her. Between protecting her family, preserving her status, and reconciling the darkness in her past, Şebnem’s life becomes a twisted dance. From her entanglement with the magnetic homicide captain, Mesut played by Onur Tuna (Hidden Truth, A Miracle), to her rivalry with Onur’s haunting ex, Melisa, and the relentless hatred of Aysel, Onur’s mother, Şebnem finds herself fighting battles on multiple fronts.

Dirty Laundry is a drama series from Medyapim airing Sunday nights on NOW under the title Kirli Sepeti. Fans have come out in force for this moving portrait of the cleaners, caregivers and household help who work behind the scenes to make a wealthy lifestyle possible. It is the story of one such group of resilient women whose lives are spent cleaning up the messes left by others.

Dirty Laundry is the story of one such group of resilient women whose lives are spent cleaning up the messes left by others. Our story begins when Meryem, one of these women, tragically falls to her death while working in a house, an event that goes unnoticed by the people she served. İlkgül, Meryem’s friend, and Kahraman, a journalist, join forces to uncover the truth behind Meryem’s untimely demise. As they seek justice for Meryem, they also begin to unravel the hidden complexities of the households Meryem and the other ladies serve, shining a light on the walls between “us” and “them” in society.

Meryem’s death is a wakeup call to her friends, each of whom faces their own private challenges. Songül has endured a demanding employer for years after a difficult divorce. For her children’s sake, Songül has endured a demanding employer for years after a difficult divorce. She is like an elder sister, finding jobs and giving advice to all the other ladies. Hayriye seems like a cheerful woman on the surface, taking on all the most challenging jobs and barging in to help everyone with their problems, but her impulsiveness masks a deep sensitivity to others which often brings her pain. Medine, on the other hand, is a moral, conservative woman who silently endures mistreatment to support her sister. But when Medine discovers wrongdoing at her employers’ home, she cannot expose it without destroying their family.

While they initially perceive Meryem’s death as an unfortunate incident, the story takes a darker turn as they uncover unsettling secrets within the complex. As İlkgül and Kahraman work together to uncover the truth, they become entangled in a web of hidden realities. The houses these ladies clean may appear spotless, but behind closed doors are many secrets, hidden injustices and forbidden desires.

Dirty Laundry features an all-star ensemble including Ayça Bingöl (Time Goes By), Ceren Moray (The Teacher), Devrim Yakut (Chrysalis, Brave and Beautiful), Melisa Döngel (Love Reason Get Even, Love is in the Air), Serkay Tütüncü (The Perfect Tenant) as well as Cansu Tosun (Lost City) and Halil İbrahim Ceylan (Legacy).

The Brave has been one of Türkiye’s Top 10 dramas since its fall premiere on NOW, where it airs as Hudutsuz Sevda, thanks to an exciting storyline and star turns from romantic leads Deniz Can Aktaş (The Agency, Love Makes You Cry) and Miray Daner (Wounded Love, One Litre of Tears). The story follows Halil İbrahim Karasu, who returns to the Black Sea village of his birth. Halil was forced to flee when he was just five years old, after his father was murdered by the local crime boss Rızvan Leto. Twenty years later, Halil came home to marry his childhood sweetheart, Yasemin. He is also an undercover agent of the gendarmerie assigned to infiltrate the Leto criminal empire. But when Yasemin is murdered by Rızvan’s son, his mission takes on a whole new direction: Halil becomes a one-man army with the sole purpose of destroying Rızvan Leto.

Halil gains some unexpected allies as he works his way through Rızvan’s criminal operations, including Rızvan’s daughter Zeynep. Zeynep wants to move on from the illegitimate life, and once she learned the truth about what her family did to Halil she had no choice but to help him. Zeynep’s schoolgirl crush on Halil is soon rekindled, and before long she falls madly in love with her father’s enemy – and there is nothing more dangerous than a Black Sea woman in love.

Wild Heart is one of the most popular new Turkish dramas this season, airing Tuesday nights under the title Yabani on NOW. The series follows the remarkable journey of Ali, who was abducted as a boy and ended up working for the gang who kidnapped him. After enduring years of hardship, Ali renames himself Yaman and escapes his captors to build a new, better life together with his three friends. Things are not easy for this new family, but they work hard and are able to leave their dark past behind. Through it all, Yaman somehow manages to keep his soul pure and never succumbs to the darkness that surrounds him.

Things get complicated when Yaman meets Rüya, a beautiful girl from the rich side of town. Her
boyfriend nearly overdosed, and it’s up to Yaman to save him. He delivers Rüya’s boyfriend to the same hospital where his father is a senior doctor. Later, after the boyfriend beats up Yaman’s best friend in retaliation for exposing his drug problem, Yaman goes to his home to take revenge. That is when Yaman realizes that Rüya’s boyfriend is his brother, and he is actually Ali Yücesoy, the boy who was kidnapped 15 years ago.

Caught between the family he made and the family that was stolen from him, the road ahead is uncertain. Is he Yaman or Ali? This exciting series from is produced by NTC Medya and features many stars, including Halit Özgür Sarı (For My Family), Dolunay Soysert (One More Chance, Wings of Love), Simay Barlas (Ömer), Bertan Asllani (All About Marriage), Yurdaer Okur (Family Secrets), and Osman Alkaş (Heart of the City, Time Goes By).