Miguel Aleman Magnani, producer and shareholder for Gato Grande Productions, said Luis Miguel, the Series will have a second season in 2020.

Despite the success of its first season in 2018, Luis Miguel, the Series wasn’t immediately renewed for more episodes, with several rumors about it but no confirmations.

And when it seemed like the series was finalized, the possibility of a second season just became a reality following statements from Miguel Aleman Magnani, producer and shareholder for Gato Grande Productions.

The Mexican businessman and personal friends with Luis Miguel, made the surprise confirmation to Reforma that the series will not only have a second season, but that filming will begin this year for a 2020 premiere.

“Luis Miguel has just finished a major tour of the US. He’s resting and now is starting to look at the episodes for season two. Filming will begin later this year and we will premiere it next year”, he said.

In regard to the story, he said it will continue with what the first installment offered and go deep into the star’s conflicts and work/life balance, and his rise to international stardom.

“It continues the story with things that are important and just as strong. It’s everything that comes after the life of a star, which there aren’t that many anymore, and knowing how hard it is to maintain that balance of being normal and famous”, he said.

Miguel Aleman Magnani is one of the three founding partners for Gato Grande Productions, alongside Antonio Cue Sánchez Navarro and José Luis Ramírez Magnani.

The producer has a strategic alliance with MGM, with whom they produced the first season of the series and are planning to launch new productions.

Luis Miguel, the Series is based on interviews with the singer himself and the book Luis, mi rey by Javier Leon Herrera (1997).

It stars Diego Boneta (Luis MIguel), Óscar Jaenada (Luis Rey), Anna Favella (Marcela Basteri), Juanpa Zurita (Alejandro Basteri), Paulina Dávila (Mariana Yazbek), Camila Sodi, Vanessa Bauche (Rosy Esquivel), among others.

It’s produced by Mark Burnett from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), with production by Luis Miguel and Gato Grande Productions.

It’s distributed internationally by MGM.