Titles like Father and Soldier, Summit Fever and Belle and Sebastian lead a varied catalog for the distributor.

With all the rights to the titles in its catalogue, Ledafilms is experiencing an excellent 2023, in which it has opted to diversify its offer, while expanding the number of clients with which it is working.

“We have closed agreements with all the major platforms and media”, Alejandro Leda, CEO of Ledafilms Entertainment Group. “I think there is more variety in our customers today than there was in years past.”

“We buy all the rights, so we have deals with all the windows,” added Moira McNamara, Sales Director at Ledafilms.

“We are presenting Father and Soldier, which will begin its run in theaters later this year; Summit Fever, which will premiere in August; family titles like Belle and Sebastian, Back to the Dinosaurs; and titles with which we were very successful last year such as Princess by Accident, which has been extremely well received by customers from the different windows after it went through the cinema”, said McNamara.

The success of Princess by accident on the big screen was a pleasant surprise: “It was not so clear that people were going to return to the movies, however, with Princess by accident, we brought 400,000 people to theaters and that is an incredible number post-pandemic for an independent animation,” said Leda.

With releases scheduled for the second part of the year, McNamara is confident of maintaining the excellent moment: “The second part of the year will hopefully repeat how auspicious the first part of 2023 was. We are going to continue working to continue increasing the Ledafilms catalog with new productions”.

“We have worked in partnership with some partners in our own productions in Brazil with Barraco de familia, Acampamento intergalactico”, explained the executive. “We are always looking to diversify everything that is content, working on different properties to have our own content, developed together with third parties. One is El gusto es mio, an eight-episode series format; others are Más allá del agua and Rompecabezas”.