Titles from across the region shine bright on Peruvian TV, with series from Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Peru itself making their way into Parrot Analytics’ ranking of most demanded series of the past week.

Released several years ago, Narcos continues to conquer viewers across Latin America, repeatedly finding its place in Parrot Analytics’ rankings of most demanded series.

This time, the Colombian Netflix series ranked second in the company’s digital ranking for the week of July 20-26 in Peru, with 8.8 times more demand than the average series.

The digital series ranking, dominated mainly by Netflix, is however led by DC Universe’s Titans, with 14.6 times more demand.

Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princess of Power closes the podium with 8.7 times more demand, followed by Anne with an E and The Umbrella Academy, both also from Netflix, with 8.3 and 7.3 times more demand, respectively .

In sixth place comes the Disney+ hit, The Mandalorian, with 7.2 times more demand, followed by the Netflix dramas Dark (6.8x) and Stranger Things (6.6x).

Closing the digital ranking are Star Wars: Clone Wars by Disney+ with 6.2 times more demand and Cursed by Netflix with 4.9.

Meanwhile, the general ranking of the most demanded series in Peru is mainly divided between two major trends: children’s content and Latin series.

Kids’ series occupy 7 of the ten spots on the list, including the first five: SpongeBob leads the list (21.4 times more demand than the average series), followed by Paw Patrol (20.2x), Naruto (18 , 8x), Peppa Pig (17.5x) and Naruto: Shippuden (17.2x).

In sixth and seventh place are the first two Latin series in the ranking, with Mexico’s El Chavo del Ocho in sixth place (16.1x) and Argentina’s kids’ series El payaso Plim Plim in seventh (15.7x).

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic closes the group of children’s series in ninth place (15.1x), while Peruvian series Al fondo hay sitio closes the group of Latin productions in tenth (15.1x).

The Walking Dead, in eighth place with 15.3 times more demand, completes the ranking.