Present at the event, the Turkish distributor announced the sale of Love Reason Get Even and Be My Sunshine, in Argentina, Chile, Honduras and HBO LatAm.

Madd Entertainment, the world’s leading distributor of Turkish dramas, concluded LA Screenings with the announcement of multiple Latam sales for two of its top new romantic comedies, Love Reason Get Even and Be My Sunshine, in Argentina, Chile, Honduras and HBO LatAm.

These sales continue a trend that began with the incredible success of Love Is In the Air, Madd’s fastest-selling series of 2021, which showed that Turkish romcoms have just as much traction as Turkish dramas with international viewers.

“Love Is In the Air receives great results on Free TV and especially on SVOD platforms. Its huge worldwide success cleared a path for this emerging genre. Global audiences are catching up with what our viewers already know: Turkish romcoms are the best!”, said the Managing Director, Ateş İnce.

Love Reason Get Even is a top-rated series from Medyapim and No. 9 aired on Turkey’s FOX network. It is based on the hit Korean comedy Cunning Single Lady and features Burcu Özberk (Love Trap, Abandoned) and İlhan Şen (Falcon Crest). Özberk plays Esra, who always swore she would never marry a man like her father, whose business failures left her family bankrupt and struggling all through her youth. Then she met Ozan, a bright young engineer entering the civil service. Everything was fine until he quit his government and started his own company. As Ozan bounced from one bankruptcy to another, Esra had to hustle three jobs just to keep the family afloat. Eventually, they divorce. Years later, when Ozan has become Turkey’s top tech titan and Esra is still struggling, she plots her revenge: She will join Ozan’s company as an intern, get him to fall in love with him all over again, then… dump him! But not everything goes according to plan, and the two exes end up in a precarious, hilarious love quadrangle.

Be My Sunshine is a romantic comedy from Ay Yapim features red-hot romantic leads Alp Navruz (The Phoenix, Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters) and Ayça Ayşin Turan (Ariza, The Protector). Turan plays Haziran, a city girl through and through, devoted to her career and the fast-paced lifestyle of Istanbul. She can’t imagine any other life, but when her company sends her to a remote Aegean island to clear the way for a new resort, one blunder changes her life forever! Be My Sunshine is written by Yelda Eroğlu (The Agency) and Yeşim Çıtak (The Agency, Love Is In the Air) and directed by Ali Bilgin, the guiding hand of hit dramas like Medcezir, Stiletto Vendetta, 20 Minutes, Brave and Beautiful, and The Agency. The series, which originally aired on Star TV under as Ada Masalı, is both funny and romantic, being set in a richly-textured world featuring beautiful scenery and distinctive performances from an all-star cast.