The British network is preparing the local version of I Can See Your Voice, a music game show that Fox will also premiere in 2021 in the US.

The phenomenon of The Masked Singer – a show that was the winner of broadcast TV in the US in 2019 and the best-selling format of the year – continues to spread the interest for Korean formats, with new adaptations of South Korean entertainment formats around the world.

Now, British public channel BBC One has announced that it has commissioned Thames and Naked Television, brands from Fremantle UK, to adapt the “mystery music game show” I Can See Your Voice.

This is a new local version for the CJ ENM format, after the American Fox acquired the format in February. In addition, it has adaptations in countries such as Germany, Romania, Thailand, the Philippines or Indonesia.

In the UK, The Masked Singer was also a hit on ITV. BBC One will seek to continue in the wake of this format released in South Korea in 2015 by Mnet, and nominated for the International Emmy 2016.

The network will premiere in 2021 an eight-episode season of I Can See Your Voice.

In the show, contestants have a chance to win a cash prize if they can tell good singers from bad singers, without hearing them sing a single note. For that they will be guided by a panel of comedians, celebrities and experts, along with a musical superstar, who will contribute several rounds of challenges, with hidden clues and false evidence.

In the end, the selected singer reveals whether or not he is a good singer in a duet performance with the musical superstar. The result can be an incredible collaboration or a real disaster.

In the US, The Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice are joined by other local adaptations of Korean formats, such as Better Late Than Never (NBC adaptation of Grandpas Over Flowers) and Celebrity Show-Off (TBS adaptation of My Little Television ).