Kerim Emrah Turna, executive director at Kanal D International, revealed to ttvnews that the Turkish company will adapt Mexican series Ellas son… la alegría del hogar.

Like Kerim Emrah Turna had revealed to ttvnews at the last edition of Mipcom, Kanal D International is preparing the adaptation of a series from Latin America.

And now, heading into Natpe, the executive director of Kanal D International finally revealed the details for the adaptation. It will be Mexican series Ellas son… la alegría del hogar, by Televisa.

“Kanal D will produce an adaptation of Ellas son… la alegría del hogar in early spring, which will strengthen the relationships between both regions even more,” he said.

The series was originally aired in 2009 on Cablevision’s One network, and later premiered on broadcast TV in 2010.

It was produced, directed and starred by Eugenio Derbez, and had 13 episodes. It was written by Elías Solorio, Carolina Rivera (XY), Anahí López and Eduardo Ruiz.

In the series, the tranquility experienced in the “Privada de Agua” condominium ends when the maids find a mysterious briefcase buried in the garden. All will come together to solve the case of a possible murder and, incidentally, find love.

Although the series had only 13 episodes, its concept was taken a few years later by ABC Studios and Lifetime, which created the successful Devious Maids series based on this same initial idea.

According to Kerim Emrah Turna, the Turkish version will be distributed by Kanal D International itself.


The closing of 2019 was loaded with news from Kanal D International, which closed sales for many of its titles, so many new ones, headed by Ruthless City and Love Trap, as well as “old hits”, such as Fatmagul and Gumus.

Gumus, -“one of our first major international successes”, in the words of Kerim Emrah Turna- was acquired by Hungary, Moldova and Israel, while Fatmagul, of enormous impact in Latin America, will be seen in Hungary, the Czech Republic, India and, for the first time, Moldova.

Among the most recent titles, Ruthless City, the premium drama produced by Avşar Film, which debuted last April at Miptv, is now in its second season and has already been acquired by more than 15 countries around the world.

“In Ruthless City there is a duality governed by the balance between light and darkness within each person,” explains Turna. “It had a great season in 2019 and continues now with the second installment, with more passion and dilemmas».

The series was well supported by Love Trap, the romantic comedy by ARC Film, which premiered in Turkey in June last year with great success taking Kanal D to the top of the ratings race.

“The marriage between Ayşe, a poor girl, and Kerem, a wealthy young man, began as a trap, but it has become a comedy that breaks ratings records,” says the executive.

Love Trap is airing in the territories of MENA, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. With these titles, along with other also very successful titles such as Price of Passion, Azize or the recently released Hejimoglu, the adaptation of Dr. House, Kanal D International anticipates a great start to this new year.

“Since the penetration of Turkish content in Latin America began we have had a very strong presence in the region,” said Emrah Turna. “Our goal in 2020 is to expand our reach by offering new and powerful titles to our clients.”